Props To Lil’ Rel For Championing The Black Press

Credentialed black press members have long lamented how publicists and big-time movie stars alike treat them like proverbial stepchildren at junkets and red carpets.  Many of us suffered in silence because, despite seniority or acumen, we knew that it would be easy for an “offended” publicist to single out and ostracize any journalist who made too much of a stink about it.  

However, it appears as though the word has gotten out regarding this inherently racist practice. According to the LA Times, breakout comedian and actor Lil’ Rel Howery spoke to black press members first at the MTV Movie and TV Awards Red Carpet before speaking to representatives from other outlets.  

REL | Official Trailer | FOX BROADCASTING

Watch the official trailer for FOX’s new show, Rel.

This was described as a display of solidarity with black outlets, many of which covered Howery before mainstream media would even acknowledge he existed. More often than not, black press is placed at the end of the red carpet and is often ignored.

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“I want to start with the people who are actually supporting me, have supported me and will actually put the content out there. Then I’ll talk to everyone else, but that’s who I’m going to start with first,” he said to the Times on Friday while pushing his upcoming basketball comedy, Uncle Drew .

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