Pro Football Hall Of Famer Warren Sapp Brings The Hate, Comes For Deshaun Watson’s Neck | Pot Calling The Kettle Black?

Everybody has an opinion about Deshaun Watson’s 24 civil suits for sexual misconduct involving a series of massages and the reported 66 women hired to dispense those massages.

The topic has gotten so hot that former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Warren Sapp, a former NFL Defensive Player of the Year, talked about Watson and what he’s up against in a recent interview with Vlad TV last week.

“You’ve ran through a whole city as big as Houston with with every masseuse that could possibly touch you. And now you need to go out of state or something, definitely wrong and that’s it. No fire, no smoke. It’s got to be a cauldron of fire down there, a lava pit of or something. Come on. Stop this.

 The loquacious Sapp wasn’t done …

“You mean to tell me the Cleveland Browns, one of the original franchises, gave this man $230 million and they have no assurance that he will not be suspended? What am I missing here? No, no what am I missing here? How do you sign up for this and you have no guarantees from him, the league, or nobody involved in this thing?”

Considering his checkered past, hearing Sapp give an opinion on another player’s legal troubles is awkward, to say the least. You’d think this would be a situation he’d decide to take a pass.

That particular topic is a daily discussion on just about every sports platform there is. Opinions vary as to what the NFL should do concerning Watson, who was traded from the Houston Texans in March. He then signed a five-year, $230 million extension.

 Maybe Sapp Should Hold His Thoughts

To hear Warren Sapp talking recklessly about Watson is a bit disturbing, considering his very well-known legal troubles. Those troubles cost him his swank, plush job at NFL Network, and he hasn’t landed another one since.

In 2015, Sapp, was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Phoenix following the Super Bowl. He was also accused of assault, and following his arrest Sapp’s contract was terminated.


Sapp was also accused of sexual harassment by co-workers after he gave them sex toys as Christmas gifts. He also reportedly talked about his sex life in front of his female co-workers. A defiant Sapp was adamant that the gifts weren’t sexual.


To hear Sapp speak so vehemently on Watson’s situation considering how his actions cost him a career in journalism is baffling. But as it pertains to Sapp, it shouldn’t be so surprising, he’s long been one to speak his mind way too often.

Watson Has Work Cut Out For Him To Play

The Browns made the move to get Watson knowing he could miss a huge portion of, if not all of, the upcoming 2022 season. But the risk-reward was too great to pass up, as it’s not every day a 27-year-old QB in his prime with the ability to change the misfortune of your franchise becomes available. So as far as pure football moves are concerned, the Browns made a shrewd one. Now they can only hope it doesn’t blow up in their face.

This is obviously a touchy situation that the NFL is not taking lightly. One voice that’s not needed is the commentary of Sapp.

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