PRITTY Left Hook: Wilder Gives Reporter A History Lesson 400 Years In The Making

Wilder’s viral dressing down of a reporter proves this fight is bigger than just a belt.

This weekend’s Wilder vs Fury heavyweight showdown took an unprecedented turn yesterday. WBC champion Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder took a firm position during a face-off with lineal champion Tyson Fury.

“You talking for how your people been fighting for 200 years! My people have been fighting for 400 (years)and still fighting to this day,” said Wilder.

During the press conference, Fury and his promoter Frank Warren began to touch Wilder and a melee almost ensued during the charged promotional appearance.

However, it was after the fighters left the dais when Wilder really let the world know why this fight is deeply personal to him. Wilder eviscerated boxing video blogger “Radio Rahim” during an impromptu press junket.

Deontay Wilder BLASTS Radio Rahim In His FACE!

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“You said that ‘your’ people have been fighting for 400 years, I just wanted you to explain what you mean by that?” said Rahim.

If you haven’t guessed by now, “Radio Rahim” is a man of color.

“Come on man, your people too. They are your people too. I don’t have to explain what’s understood. If anybody doesn’t understand what I’m talking about, go look up the history. Don’t everybody believe in Google? Go Google that shit,” Wilder vehemently retorted.

Yellow Journalist

“Radio Rahim” is the run of the mill muckraking millennial yellow journalist. Like others, he peruses through arena hallways and gyms instigating verbal warfare between fighters as click bait for likes and views. This encounter shed light on the bigger problem in sports with journalists of color and disassociation.

With the overwhelming majority of high-level athletes in sports like football, basketball, and boxing being people of color its surprising when journalists move against them instead of in tandem. With one word “your” Rahim separated himself from the struggle.

This is no different than the NFL owners distance themselves from Colin Kaepernick. Rahim excluded himself from Wilder’s perspective under the guise of impartiality but this was not the time to be impartial.

Wilder is seen globally as a secondary champion to Britain’s Anthony Joshua and he understands that this fight means more than another belt and purse. It’s his first ever pay-per-view bout and its framed around America versus the United Kingdom.

This defiance and passionate espousal of his pro-Black perspective will convert many borderline fans and alienate the larger audience of white guilt laced apologists. Wilder must be lauded for his conviction and more athletes of color should take so-called journalists to task.

Before Wilder left he took his glasses off and looked “Radio Rahim” straight in the eye.

“You know we’ve been fighting for 400 years and we’re still fighting to this day. You’re going sit here and say you don’t know what I’m talking about? Man, I’m out of here.”

Absolutely, Deontay, WE know what you’re talking about.

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