PRITTY Left Hook: Adrien Broner’s Breakfast

This morning, Adrien The Problem Broner stopped by the popular NYC morning radio/video show, The Breakfast Club, where all things ratchet are dissected.

As usual, the current pound-for-pound sound bite king did not disappoint, leaving us with new catchphrases like teeting, which describes his non sequitur texting to other women while he has a serious relationship that is now on the borderline of termination.

Broner spoke on his political leaning toward Donald Trump, simply because the Donald will lower taxes and after all, …the rich going to keep getting richer and the poor going to stay poor, oh well. Broner shrugged off co-host, Charlemagne Tha Gods assertions that Trump is stirring up the pot of prejudice.

The Broner way can be summed up simply with his statement, Let that rich n*gga be President.

In fact, “The Problem” feels that his perceived financial success is the only thing that matters in a world where he idolized his now former mentor Floyd Money Mayweather.

In telling fashion, Broner reveals that Mayweather was his example of boxing greatness and that he didnt look at the old school champions for his inspiration. No doubt the change from Pretty Boy Floyd to Money Mayweather had a significant effect on the young Ohioan who, along with the majority of Generation Y, worship at the temple of Benjamin Franklin.

It reminds me of when LeBron James switched from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat for a better guarantee at winning a chip and securing his financial legacy. Many lambasted him for creating a new rules blueprint that would toss out sportsmanship and perseverance through team building for a Voltron styled cliquing together of superheroes for a guaranteed win.

Bob Arum, when Floyd was a Pretty Boy, didnt know how to market the brash young star and for $750,000, Mayweather and longtime adviser Al Haymon bought his freedom and told Arum and his promotional company, Top Rank, to kick rocks.

The Money train rolled in, replete with cash being thrown about at random events and a fleet of cars, girls and jewels that were worthy of appearing in the pages of the Robb Report.

Broner watched it all and rose up the boxing ranks of the boxing world while being based in Americas heartland, with no Olympic pedigree and a criminal background endemic to his struggling Cincinnati community.

But he had a dream, that anybody that understood how to lampoon greed and excess in front of a camera, or luckily for him Instagram followers, could make it big in this country that is supposed to have a path for everyone to get rich by any means necessary.

Thanks to Floyd, Broner saw the path. And like his current political paramour Trump, arrogance and braggadocio are the programs that leads to election, a name and reason to bob and weave past povertys one hitter quitter.

But like Mayweather, jail still has been in the picture during the success train and in Broners case, felonious assault and theft charges still loom. The Donald notoriously went bankrupt before his re-ascension to GOP frontrunner.

Mayweather, now retired, will always be seen as a womanizing, potential domestic abuser per the allegations substantiated by his children and one of his kids mothers. The role models that Broner looks up to are indicative of an overall trend that we are now in – of abjection in the place of substance.

Broner has joined his idols as one of the loudest voices in the space touting its benefits. However, until we celebrate each other sans financial validation, the glass houses that Mayweather, Trump and now Adrien Broner are building over the airwaves will continue to rear a generation of demagoguery at the expense of our collective sanity.

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