PRITTY Left Hook: 2018 Year In Review

PRITTY sums up the 2018 TSL Combat Sports Awards.

Welcome to the PRITTY Left Hook podcast where we get real about combat sports! I promise you that I will take a position that will either have you fist-pumping your coworker in the next cubicle or cursing me out voraciously. I talk trash and get in that ass, baby.

In this episode, we discuss the 2018 TSL Combat Sports Awards recipients and dissect why they were chosen.

After a glorious year chock full of combat sports, we review who was the best in 2018. The fight game is more robust than ever and now that the game is going digital like Bobby, the options are robust.

We’ve dissected, poked, and prodded the fight game for its most memorable happenings and personalities of 2018.

We really hope you hate this list so that we can bathe in the smoke with you because it is what is, folks. My goggles are not foggy and I love the game! This is how I saw it and you are blessed to know the best opinion in the game.

Ha! Hater! You’re welcome!

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