President Obama Reps For The Ladies

President Obama will become the first sitting President to address Planned Parenthood when he meets with 1,000 supporters on Friday. The organization is thrilled to have Obama speak with them, as they say he has “done more than any other president in history for women's health and rights.”

National polls reflect similar belief and praise for Obama. He had huge margins in polls for women's rights, and 52 precent of likely voters trusted Obama to address women's issues compared to just 39 percent for the GOP challenger, Mitt Romney. The President's move will attempt to solidify that lead for democrats moving forward.

Women's rights adds to the list of civil liberties that have expanded under President Obama's watch. He also endorsed gay marriage, and could easily limit the scope of the War on Drugs that has incarcerated so many for non-violent crimes. Immigration reform is also in the works.

That just leaves infrastructure, education and some of these foreign wars to take care of. But good job thus far.

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