Powerful Women Of Color Are Telling R. Kelly That His Time Is Up

Musician R. Kelly is facing a whirlwind in recent weeks. On Monday, the hashtag #MuteRKelly was trending throughout the majority of the day, encouraging a boycott of his work and future shows. The boycott is in response to the many years of allegations regarding sexually deviancy and criminal behavior.

Many prominent women of color including producer Shonda Rhimes took to Twitter to express a need for a more thorough investigation of his history and called for people to cut ties with him.

shonda rhimes on Twitter

We join the call to #MuteRKelly and insist on the safety + dignity of all women. We demand investigations into R. Kelly’s abuse allegations made by women of color + their families for two decades. We call on those who profit from his music to cut ties.

Although Black women have been ringing the alarm about R. Kelly’s behavior around women for years, this was brought up again into the public again when Vince Staples scorched Kelly, calling him a child molester.

Vince Staples Interview – Coachella 2018

Vince Staples x Nadeska Alexis = Everything

The movement is growing against R. Kelly is growing and it is long overdue.

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