POTB: The State Of Hip Hop Production With Hitmaker, Salaam Remi

Award-winning music producer and Queens native, Salaam Remi stopped by to put some points on the board.

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Salaam Remi told us the flyest emcees hail from Queens. He would know.

The Grammy-nominated instrumentalist’s discography is disgusting, having worked with everyone from Kurtis Blow, Nas, The Fugees, the late Amy Winehouse, and Miguel.

Always working, Remi dropped by #PointsOnTheBoard to talk about his new music, his creative process, and how he plans on celebrating his #BlackMusicMonth.



  • New Single, Shake Dat Je’llo, with Joell Ortiz
  • Breaking down the essential ingredients of a hit.
  • DJ Khaled Vs Billboard Take
  • What does producing mean in 2019
  • The hip hop album you’d give your future child



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