Points On The Board: NFL Player Turned Chef, Derrell Smith

The Syracuse Orangemen went from banging heads to banging pots.

Points On The Board is a podcast where managing editor, Kyle Harvey, Shadow League contributors, and guests break down the top stories from sports, culture and more.

Today we have Syracuse Alum, football player, Philly native and food entrepreneur, Derrell Smith.

Though he grew up in Philly, Smith spent his high school football days in New Castle, Delaware. After winning the 2006 Gatorade Player of the Year, he was recruited by Syracuse and spent his best seasons under the tutelage of then head coach, Doug Marrone.

Life happened soon after. After making the roster of a few NFL teams, Smith turned his eyes to other endeavors, that lead him to become an award-winning chef, tv host, and businessman.

We talk about the moments in between that lead to his pivot. Plus…

Philly, Delaware football

Nipsey Hussle’s impact on black business

When Rell decided to give up the game

How he came up with Amazeballs, his first dish

Syracuse memories

Wearing the same college uniform of Donovan McNabb

The evolution of the black QB

Why aren’t there more Black offensive coordinators in the NFL and NCAA

The one album you give your first child (He killed this question)

The most important jersey in Philly Sports history.

And more.


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