Points On The Board: Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks

The “Take It There” host stopped by the office to put some points on the board.

Sports journalist and Bleacher Report’s own Taylor Rooks stopped by the Shadow League studio for a taping of the Points on the Board Podcast.

The Georgia native sat down with host Kyle Harvey to discuss the 2019 NFL draft, the significance of black quarterbacks, Atlanta’s contribution to the culture and more.

A simple google search would show that Rooks was destined to work in the sports world in some capacity. The Take It There host started her career at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majoring in broadcast journalism.

Shortly after graduating she worked for the Big Ten Network and later became a reporter and correspondent at SportsNet New York where she interviewed athletes and covered sports news.

[jwplayer aA44phc8-lHcfCBkA]

Topics include:

Her new show, Take It There With Taylor Rooks

What makes for a good interview

Words to live by

The one album you give your first child

OutKast over everybody

And more.


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