Pioneering House Music and R&B Vocalist Colonel Abrams Dies

Pioneering House Music and R&B vocalist Colonel Abrams has died. He was 67. Born in Detroit and based in New York during his career, Abrams is best known for his hit songs Trapped, “I’m Not Gonna Let,” and “Music is the Answer,” but he also contributed to many other songs that laid the groundwork for what is now considered global dance music.

Soultracks said he, “…began playing both piano and guitar while still quite young. By the mid 1970s he became part of the band Heavy Impact. But it was nearly a decade later that Abrams really made a name for himself with the big hit “Music Is the Answer.” It began a string of dance hits that capitalized on the electronic sounds that were popular in the mid 80s, and included The Truth, Over and Over, Im Not Gonna Let You, and his biggest song, the dancelicious international hit, Trapped.”

R.I.P. to the Colonel.

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