Philly Fans Gave Donovan McNabb The “Nice Guy” Stiff Arm

NFL fans and women are one and the same. Ladies say they want a nice guy, but when one steps to 'em, they throw up the deuces. Likewise, NFL fans complain about the lack of role models in pro sports, but for over a decade, the Eagles fans were privy to watch one of the classiest men in pro sports operate. Yet, they seemed to despise him. McNabb never won a Super Bowl, but he's easily the greatest quarterback in franchise history. However, from the moment he was drafted, Eagles fans let McNabb know how much they loathed him. Even after Ricky Williams "burned out," Eagles fans still aren't really sure where they stand on McNabb's legacy.

SB Nation's Jon Bois makes a case in support of McNabb that even the most hardcore hating crowd couldn't ignore.

And from that precise instant forward, everything that has happened to Donovan McNabb has been the stupidest bullsh** that has ever happened. Stupid ideas, stupid rumors, stupid conversations, stupid food, and stupid jerks. If you were to tell me that the booing gentlemen above are themselves stupid jerks, you might well be right, but their booing is so immediate, damning, loud, and perfect that I prefer to perceive them as a poetic abstraction.

The fans in the building that evening — six of them in particular — were not fans at all, but dumb evil spirits. Each represented a different type of stupid, and each promised, through their ghostly shrieking and hissing and booing, to rain dumbness upon the existence of Donovan McNabb in the years to come.

And God, did they ever. Never in my lifetime has such an inoffensive, innocent athlete inspired such colossal dumbness in his fellow humans.