Phil Heath- The Gift

Phil Heath.

Mr. Olympia. 2011, 2012, 2013 and competing at the “War for Four”

The Gift.

Who would have thought that the one time star basketball player in high school, who would earn a D1 scholarship to play ball at the University of Denver and who would major in IT and business administration, would be sitting in front of us as a three time Mr. Olympia, the best bodybuilder in the world. Even he would quickly agree that bodybuilding wasn’t even on the radar as he was tearing up the hardwood. But it’s funny how life can throw you a curveball, causing you to rethink all of your plans. But that is exactly what happened to “The Gift”, and fans of the sport should all be grateful that life took Phil on a different path, one that would see him standing on the Olympia stage as a three, perhaps four, time champion in the highest level of bodybuilding.

Originally hailing from Seattle, Washington, Phil grew up with a great head on his shoulders, possessing something that many of today’s generation lacks, common sense. He learned the value of hard work early on from his Mother and Stepfather, as well as other life lessons which he has taken with him every step of the way in his career. As one of only 13 men to hold the Sandow trophy, Phil Heath has earned the respect of fans and those in the sport itself. He has entered into the realm of names like Schwarenegger, Haney, Coleman and Cutler, men who have won multiple titles in the sport, men who have become LEGENDS of the sport. His hard work, talent,dedication, intelligence and attention to detail have earned him his titles. In addition, they have also enabled him to become the first current Olympia champion who manages his own company, Gifted Nutrition, while still competing and winning, something that he is extremely proud of.

The Gift sat down with us to share his story, perspective, PHILosophies (pun intended) and outlook on life and the sport. As we head into Olympia weekend, we wanted to share a brief segment from our interview with Heath that demonstrates his passion and confidence (we will be producing a bigger feature on Heath later on). While many consider him cocky and arrogant, after spending time with the Champ, we completely disagree. Haters are going to hate, but most will respect you; they have to when you’re a three-time champion.

Phil Heath feels he has the blueprint for success in the sport, and being the last man standing on the Olympia stage three times in a row is proof positive of this fact. He is confident, willing to accept success and his position, yet humble enough to know who he is, who his fans are and when to ask for help. Like the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover”.

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