Will The Presidency Be Oprah Winfrey’s Opus?

Remember that episode of The Chappelle Show where Dave did the sketch about trying to marry Oprah Winfrey and get her pregnant? As ignorant as it was, it was equal parts hilarious.  

Well, a similar level of obtuseness and comedy could be found on the Twitter-sphere following Oprah’s inspiring speech as she accepted The Cecil B. Demille Award at the Golden Globes on Sunday.  As many can attest, Hollywood loves a great cause and, quite frankly, is quite full of themselves.   

For me, the fact that were still talking about first black this and first black that at award shows that have been around over 50 years isnt a cause for any organization or group to celebrate itself.   Its cause for measured introspection amid the celebration, yes.  But Hollywoods heavy-hitters have this thing where they love to appear as if theyre moving the bar forward. But oftentimes, the conviction is missing. 

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If the decades-long alleged exploits of Harvey Weinstein are to be taken as fact, Hollywood has been complicit in allowing a known predator to ruin careers in pursuit of attention for his likely grotesque male member for decades. Did Oprah know? It’s hard to believe she didn’t have the slightest inkling of how he got down. Right now, there’s a #sheknew hashtag gaining steam on Twitter.

Indeed, its not just about an overzealous man who loves to be in the company of women, but one who sees women as objects to manipulated, discarded, and disenfranchised should they rebuff his advances. 

Oprah, who has worked with Weinstein on numerous projects, including The Butler, as well as mentioned by Weinstein himself as being a staunch ally, took to the podium to expertly orate the historic significance of the moment at hand.  

The names she mentioned primed the audience for what was to come; Rece Taylor, Rosa Parks, her own mother, and countless unsung woman heroes from across the land and throughout time. They too were honored and memorialized by proxy simply because Winfrey spoke their names.   For her, Hollywoods elite were the choir she spoke to.  As expected, Oprah would tie everything into the current #MeToo movement as she was bringing her diatribe full circle.

Oprah Winfrey Receives Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes

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Immediately following the conclusion of her acceptance speech, Twitter was enfuego with people, organizations and news outlets all pushing for her presidential run.

I like Oprah Winfrey a lot. She is truly the American dream. However, we should all be very leery of yet another celebrity president.  To be certain, is at least as qualified for national leadership as the “very stable genius” who currently occupies the White House.  However, like Trump, Winfrey has zero experience.  

But it’s not like I wouldn’t love to see the aftermath of a successful Oprah presidency.  But, from a black perspective, there’s no guarantee that her platform would be anymore beneficial than that of Barack Obama.  Anti-reparations, respectability politics preaching, too cool for school Barack Obama. 



Additionally, 53 percent of white women voted against another white woman, Hilary Clinton, who was more qualified than both Trump and Winfrey. But, unlike Clinton, who was often seen as cold and aloof, Oprah’s natural demeanor is one that could possibly sway some hardline voters. 

People like to feel good about their decisions, even if those decisions are based on faulty logic or bad information. And if there’s one thing Oprah is able to do it’s make people FEEL.  But, for me, that isn’t enough.  Right now, liberals and progressives from across the spectrum are looking for wins after the disastrous Clinton loss last year.  

And whenever our government shifts to a liberal stance, or vice versa, conservative institutions throughout society make moves to counter it, either by funding, lobbying or otherwise supporting said causes. Trump’s election to the White House has not only invigorated liberal and progressive American institutions (like Hollywood) to action, but his utter incompetence is also a catalyst for immediate change.

The #MeToo movement appears to be about taking abusers and their protectors to task for using the status quo of the all boys club to hide their misdeeds. Yes, it is time for these dudes to be taken to task. but what does that have to do with an Oprah presidency?  Clinton tried unsuccessfully to appeal to white women in a country that’s overwhelming white. She often spoke of sisterhood and sexism on the campaign trail.  That strategy failed. 

Additionally, I don’t believe that a person who preaches love, understanding and forgiveness would be suited for such a stressful, taxing position that requires her to carry on American imperialism.  

“You get a drone strike! You get a drone strike! Everybody gets drone striiiiikes!”  

Sounds utterly ridiculous, right? So is the idea of another celebrity president. 

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