Pazmanian Devil Biopic Headed To the Big Screen

Actors Aaron Eckhart and Miles Teller are slated to star in Bleed for This, a biopic based on the life of Italian American boxer Vinnie Pazienza. Martin Scorsese is reportedly executive producing the project. Ben Young, who wrote the script and also penned Boiler Room, will direct and produce the film as well, with the title role played by Miles Teller.

Paz, also known as the Pazmanian Devil, was already a world champion before breaking his neck in three places during a 1991 traffic accident. He returned to the ring against doctor’s orders and won three more titles before retiring from boxing with a 50-10 record. Eckhart will play famous trainer Kevin Rooney, who was instrumental in Paz's return to the ring as a champion in the lightweight and light middleweight classes before retiring in 2004.