Paul George Is Making A Habit Of Dogging His Teammates 

Whats good with ya man Paul George? Who told him he could talk MJ-crazy or LBJ-crazy about the players on his team? I get the fact that he is considered an elite player, came back from a career-threatening injury and fancies himself a championship-caliber leader, but dude begged for the ball at the end of Game 1 against Cleveland and cried about the fact that he didnt get the last shot.

Then in Game 2, he made poor decisions down the stretch as his team attempted to make a comeback against the Cavs last night.  

THEN…, he proceeds to spend most of his postgame press conference throwing his boys under the J-Train, as he meticulously pointed out all of the things they did wrong so far this series.

Were just doing a terrible job of getting back and guarding people,George said as reported by Deadspin, while calling out specific players.

On Myles Turner, he said, Hes gotta know at this point we need him to take it to the next level, and well continue to work with him. Ive been in his ear, all the way up to this point of that next step and growth for him, but in this league you kind of have to find it.

Regarding Lance Stephenson, George said, Hes gotta learn to control himself. Hes gotta learn to just be in the moment… His body language has to improve.

George is never one to hold his tongue in the media.  After a March 28 loss to the T-Wolves, he dissed his teams lack of professional approach and complained that he didnt get the ball enough down the stretch in that game.

Looks like he’s setting himself up for a split after seven seasons of dealing with failed championship runs, personality dysfunction, chemistry issues and coaching changes.

This is the final year of Georges contract with the Pacers and he seems to be fading mentally, same as LeBron did in that dreadful 2009 playoff loss to Orlando in his first go-round with Cleveland, before he bounced to Miami that offseason.

Paul wants to pick his next destination, as is the growing trend among NBA superstars.

For now, hes intent on just blaming everything on everybody else. Thats not a good look if youre trying to sell yourself as a go-to, championship level guy.

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