Patrick Peterson Picks Off Richard Sherman And Darrelle Revis’ Title

This week, Arizona Cardinals head coach threw caution to the wind and anointed Patrick Peterson as the top cornerback in the NFL. Peterson was honored by the praise and agreed with the assessment.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“That fires me up, Coach Arians has that type of motivation to give to his players,” Peterson told Erik Kuselias in an interview that aired on Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “I definitely feel like I am the best corner in the game.  I just want to continue getting better every week.  I believe if I do my job to the best of my ability, which is going out there and not letting the opponent’s number one receiver to get off and have a big game, I believe we have a big opportunity of winning the ball game.  I’m pleased to have that opportunity each and every week to go against the offense’s best receiver.  I believe that if you can do that week in and week out then there’s no question that you are the number one defensive back in the league.”

This entire debate over the best defensive back in the NFL is way too simplistic. All offseason, Richard Sherman made his case for being the NFL's best. Before that, Revis was the undisputed cornerback champ.

However, in his third-year Peterson has now been thrust into the discussion. Last week, Peterson picked off a pair of rookie Mike Glennon's passes in the final four minutes. At the same time, Richard Sherman was taking Matt Schaub's ill-advised throw to the house and leading the Seahawks to their first 4-0 start in frachise history.

While Revis disn't pick off a pass, the Tampa Buccaneers are currently ranked as the fourth-best pass defense in the NFL and next week he gets Mike Vick, who often comes bearing gifts for secondaries.