P. Diddy Is Trying To Do What Reggie Fowler Couldn’t

P. Diddy has gone from Harlem backup dancer to one of the worlds iconic entertainment moguls by properly utilizing his timing, energies, ambition and refusing to take no for an answer. 

Over the past year, he has expressed interest in purchasing a coveted pro franchise. Of course, the opportunity to purchase such an extravagant toy doesnt present itself often, so Diddys desires have mostly been talk about his ultimate goals. 

However, just two days after the Carolina Panthers said they would investigate their owner, who was accused of what the team called workplace misconduct, an N.F.L. franchise will be put on the open market by its longtime owner, Jerry Richardson, who has become the latest prominent figure to fall amid the rising sensitivity and anger around sexual harassment.

Diddy, who is known to strike when the iron is hot, sent out a tweet expressing his serious desire to purchase the Panthers. 

Diddy on Twitter

I would like to buy the @Panthers. Spread the word. Retweet!

It received a ton of retweets and caught the eye and interest of Steph Curry, who tweeted that he wants to be a part of that move. 

Diddy on Twitter

Holla at me, let’s get it! https://t.co/rCdw8GP4TJ

Like the other major pro leagues, the NFL has never had an African-American majority owner. Diddy feels as if the time is right for the NFL to break ground in 2018 and award a franchise to a brother.

Diddy on Twitter

@Panthers There are no majority African American NFL owners. Let’s make history.

Its long overdue and in light of the past year of protests, owner threats and divisive social media commentary spearheaded by our president, awarding the Panthers to Diddy and whatever team he assembles to complete the purchase would go a long way towards disproving the fact that as Texans owner  Bob McNair said, the NFL is a league of “inmates running the prison.” 

Diddy posted a picture from 2003 with him wearing a Julius Peppers Panthers jersey as proof that It Was Written, which is ironically also the name of NAS second album which debuted at #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart in 1996. 

Diddy on Twitter

This picture was taken back in 2003. This is God’s work. It’s time!! ATTN all @NFL owners, it’s time for diversity!! It’s time for Black ownership!! The time is now. Let’s make it happen!!

The mainstream sports shows arent discussing Diddy as a potential pro franchise owner, but he is as qualified as any African-American to take that next step. Even if he has the financial portfolio to purchase the Panthers, the other owners will still have to approve the sale of the team to him. 

And unless he has great relationships with guys like Jerry Jones and The Mara Family in New York, then Diddy might end up in the same position as Reggie Fowler, who attempted to buy the Vikings in 2005 and came awfully close, but ultimately had to settle for limited partnership before losing his stake in the team altogether in 2014, after he experienced financial difficulties, lost control of all his companies and amassed a debt of nearly $60 million.

Fowler was an unknown in NFL circles when he tried to buy the Vikings from Red McCombs in 2005, but couldnt pull off the $600 million sale because he didnt have enough liquid capital. He was forced to bring in partners, and Zygi Wilf took over as the majority investor in the group, crushing Fowlers attempt to become the NFLs first Black owner.

Diddys money is a bit more stable and still growing with his various ventures and investments in liquor, music, movies and fashion. If there ever was a safe investment for NFL owners, its P. Diddy having his finances in order. And naturally, an African-American owner can more easily understand the issues that the majority Black NFL has with certain traditional orders of operation. 

Again, the owners may not be ready for Diddy to join the good ole boys network, but if he has his mind set on owning the Panthers, hes not going to take no for an answer.  

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