Owners Accuse Jerry Jones Of Conduct Detrimental To The NFL

The Ezekiel Elliott suspension fiasco gave the NFL another black eye and also severely damaged the Dallas Cowboys’ season. It also permanently soured Jerry Jones on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the two have been like vinegar and water ever since. Jones has taken the situation personally and has expressed his desire to put a halt on Goodells new contract that was basically agreed upon in May. Jones has openly stated that he doesn’t think Goodell deserves the $50 million he’s requesting. 

The feud has gotten to the point where some of the owners have talked about removing Jones, accusing him of trying to sabotage its contract negotiations, calling his conduct detrimental to the leagues best interests.

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The NFL sent a letter to Jerry Jones’ attorney, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, that accused him of sabotaging Roger Goodell’s contract extension negotiations. https://t.co/kKemWgK6hb

Jones’ rebel rousing was addressed in a letter shared with all of the leagues 32 owners and sent to Joness attorney, David Boies, on Wednesday. The letter, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, says Mr. Joness antics, whatever their motivation, are damaging the League.

The letter was in response to a Tuesday letter from Mr. Boies, who wrote that Mr. Jones is in possession of a document that shows that certain statements made about those negotiations are not accurate.

As the tension between the National Football League and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones continues to increase, it becomes more and more clear that Jones is either power-tripping and being vengeful about the shaky Elliott situation, where its obvious NFL suits were making an example of their young superstar, or he is genuinely fearful of the direction the NFL is moving in and isn’t confident of Goodell’s leadership. Not just because of the protests which have irritated Jones’ advertisers and personal financial interests, but because of the social siege that football is under from CTE issues, to a mistreatment of former players to the perception that NFL players are more prone to domestic violence and criminal activity. 

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Yardbarker: Jerry Jones sounds off on Ezekiel Elliott suspension, Roger Goodell drama https://t.co/Jvs47swYWF via @yardbarker

Take those things into account and pile them on top of an already fractured relationship between Jones and owners who did not demand that their players stand for the national anthem months ago and this battle is  just beginning. The owners want to make it clear that they will move forward despite Jones’ complaints.

They do not like this…the league, said ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Thursday morning. They want this deal to get done and there still is a sense that the compensation committee is going to push through this deal. But Jerry Jones wants transparency on that deal. He wants all owners to see every single thing thats on the table and Jerry Jones should never be underestimated.

In a radio interview Tuesday, Jones blasted reports that he could be removed from his position as owner of the Dallas Cowboys as ridiculous.  The league may be against Jones, but he still has his share of supporters who perceive his actions as heroic. Jones is the only owner willing to take on a league that is perceived as lacking leadership, integrity and failing to meet its business objectives. 

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Can the @NFL get any dumber? They destroy their brand, insult their fans, empty their stadiums, tank revenues, and get mad at @dallascowboys owner Jerry Jones for thinking it nuts to give Goodell $50 million A YEAR. Go @dallascowboys! https://t.co/kNIt8aruCX

In addition to Jones against-the-grain stance on Goodell’s contract renewal, some owners feel that Jones influenced the recently recanted remarks from Papa Johns CEO John Schnatter earlier this month that were critical of the NFL, a move that could also qualify as detrimental conduct. The fact that Jones has said hes a joint owner of more than 100 Papa Johns stores and that Schattner points have tremendous credibility, immediately damage Jones credibility in the matter, making it appear as if hes fighting an all out war based on his selfish needs. The other owners are presenting a united front, but Jones still wants blood. 

The Committee is continuing its work towards finalizing a contract extension with the Commissioner, said Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who is chair of the compensation committee, in a statement Monday. The negotiations are progressing and we will keep ownership apprised of the negotiations as they move forward. We do not intend to publicly comment on our discussions.

But Jones is making his intentions very public and the owners dont like the dirty pool that he is playing. Then again, the Commissioner should have thought about that before he gave Ezekiel Elliott the shaft despite a mountain of evidence offered by elite investigators that should have exonerated him or at least gotten the suspension significantly reduced.

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