Oscar De La Hoya Checked Back Into Rehab Just Before Mayweather-Alvarez

Oscar De La Hoya checked himself back into rehab just six days prior to the biggest fight in boxing, when Floyd Mayweather defends his crown against Canelo Alvarez. 

De La Hoya admitted problems with cocaine and alcohol after his previous stint in rehab, and sometimes attends AA meetings six times per week. But perhaps during the build-up to the megafight, or perhaps to resist temptation after the festivities on Sept. 14th, De La Hoya's treatment slipped and he decided to take care of himself. 

The Golden Boy informed Canelo that he wouldn't be at the fight on Monday.

From the AP:

"I will not be at the fight this Saturday to cheer Canelo to victory since I have voluntarily admitted myself into a treatment facility," De La Hoya said in his statement. "I explained this to Canelo and he understood that my health and long term recovery from my disease must come first."

De La Hoya has predicted a knockout victory for Canelo within eight rounds.