Oprah and Terrence Howard Agree…She Has “Big Breastesses”

Remember Terrence Howard talking about his "love scene" with Oprah in the upcoming film The Butler? Sure you do, because he mentioned how much fun he had with Oprah's "tig 'ol bitties."

Well Oprah sat down with Steve Harvey and his show and had this to say (via The Grio):

“It was supposed to be like a little scene, and because Terrence Howard misbehaved it turned into a bigger scene, and then a bigger scene,” she revealed.

“He’s a misbehavin’ kinda boy,” Oprah continued. “He was on Twitter the other day talkin about my breastesses

Harvey then confessed to Oprah that he spoke to Howard and gave him some unsolicited advice.

“I told Terrence Howard, ‘you gonna mess your whole life up son. This ain’t who you want to play with. Do you a lil movie scene. Try to act like a professional about it, then go on bout ya business.’”

Oprah says although a lot of her friends told her they are offended by Howard’s comments, she is not upset.

“Some people called me and said they were all offended by it, and I go, ‘well I do have big breastesses.’”

Oprah knows wassup.





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