OKC Emerges As A Possible Destination For Carmelo Anthony

According to the NY Post, the Oklahoma City is emerging as the latest team in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes. Hes getting shopped around like the last car on a sales lot that is about to permanently close,and any playoff contender with a hustle can get a piece of the action. 

The Ringers Bill Simmons reported that Anthony and the Thunder are circling each other.”

Bill Simmons on Twitter

Have a scoop – OKC and Carmelo are officially circling each other. OKC’s Troy Weaver recruited Melo to Cuse + has known him since DMV days.

OKC already made a blockbuster trade to acquire Paul George to play with Russell Westbrook last month. In the new NBA trend of super team creations, OKC is interested in adding the future Hall of Famer to what would become a star studded OKC trio.  

Anthony has some history with OKC assistant GM Troy Weaver, who recruited Melo to Syracuse back in the days. Melo has still only waived his no-trade clause for Houston and Cleveland, so hed have to be willing to play in Oklahoma in the twilight of his career, which in my opinion, puts a serious damper on this deal happening. Other reports say its a legit possibility. 

The Twitter World is already popping with excitement. 

NBA Updates on Twitter

OKC and Carmelo are ‘officially circling each other’ (via @BillSimmons) Imagine: Westbrook Roberson Melo PG13 Adams

The Post says that, Kyrie Irving remains the wild card. The Knicks are hoping to extricate the frustrated point guard from the Cavaliers with Anthony as the centerpiece, though Cleveland may insist that Kristaps Porzingis be included in any deal.

We know thats not happening, so the Cleveland situation isnt looking good. The Knicks could just be using OKC as leverage for a deal with Houston. If the Rockets let up on their demands, maybe that deal could move forward. Houston, with James Harden and his buddy CP3, looks like a much more desirable landing place for Melo. 

In any event, this speculation will go on and on until Melo finds a new home. The Knicks aren’t in a position of strength in this situation, but then and again they never are, so this shouldn’t be any different. Whatever happens with Melo will be a well thought out process because it will be the first major move for this new Knicks braintrust

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