Officer Darren Wilson Named as Mike Brown’s Killer

    The name of Mike Brown’s killer was revealed Friday morning in a bizarre press conference headed by Ferguson Chief of Police, Thomas Jackson. Full of bumbling, stuttering, and moments where he even lost his place in the notes, the name of Officer Darren Wilson was released. Six year veteran, St. Louis native, no history of disciplinary action, Wilson is described as, “a nice guy.”

    But in a bomb shell, Jackson revealed new information on a robbery at a local convenience store that according to Jackson, is what prompted officer Wilson to approach Mike Brown. According to Jackson, Brown “fit” the description of a suspect who punched a store clerk in the face and then stole cigars. According to press packets given at the press conference, police have surveillance video from the convenience store robbery of a man who fits Brown’s description.


    According to Jackson, the events before Brown’s death went down are based on the following schedule:

    11:51a – 911 Call from Quick Trip Convenience Store

    11:52a – Description of suspect given

    12:01p – Darren Wilson arrived at Store

    12:04p – Second officer arrived

    12:05p – Paramedics called

    This is all developing information as media quickly read the press packets given to reporters at the conference detailing what proceeded Mike Brown’s death. And now, this revelation has the world up in arms wondering why information and so-called evidence that Brown allegedly committed a robbery wasn’t revealed days ago. Some feel the familiar distrust in anything authorities say after an unarmed black man is killed. Adding to that the fact that another man of color “fits the description” of an accused criminal, and we have age-old stereotypes of a brother doing wrong plastered across the media in an attempt to validate the killing of an African American again.

    As more details develop, The Shadow League will keep you updated. Check video on the news conference below.