‘Had to Play It Cool’: Odell Beckham Jr. Took Picture With Intruders Who Broke Into Drake’s Hidden Hills Home | Inside the $22.5M Party Compound

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., a good friend of superstar rapper Drake, recently reflected on a bizarre break-in experience while living at Drake’s home.

OBJ, who is gearing up for an AFC Championship battle against Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, appeared on the “Punch Line Podcast” with Marlon Humphries.

“I’m getting treatment at 7:30am… two people walk into the house. No shoes on. Feet were dirty. These people had crawled through the gates of Hidden Hills. Somehow found the boy’s house. Broke into it and they come into the room,” OBJ said around the 55-minute mark while discussing his A-List celebrity friends.

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To OBJ’s surprise, the intruders were none other than fans of both Drake and the Super Bowl champion. It is unclear how many people broke into the home, but the wide receiver recalled one shouting, “We made it to Drake’s crib!”

Beckham Jr. was forced to play it cool to make it through the unexpected morning surprise. “I had to try and play it cool. I had to dap them up but I was on edge at this point. They’re like. ‘OBJ wassup man! Can we get a picture? Can we get an autograph?’

Under the circumstances, Beckham Jr. said he obliged.

Inside Drake’s $22 Million Hidden Hills Compound in California

Drake built his Hidden Hills compound over 10 years, first buying an English Tudor-style mansion for $7.7 million in 2012. He bought the ranch right next to it for $2.85 million in 2015, and three years later, he bought another neighboring ranch for $4.5 million, creating a triple-lot estate that spans 6.5 acres.( Photo Credit: Beverly Hills Estate)

Fans everywhere often wondered what used to go on behind the diamond-studded doors of Drake’s estate.

The palatial compound was comprised of three separate properties that spans 6.5 acres, according to LA Times. The center piece of Drake’s Hidden Hills portfolio was the $7.7 million Tudor-style estate also known as the “Yolo Estates.” A slang the Canadian-born rapper popularized in his 2011 record “The Motto” to mean “you only live once.”

Drake sold his ‘Yolo Estate’ in 2022 for $11.8M, many celebrities were interested in the purchase, including pop icon Britney Spears (Photo Credit: Beverly Hills Estate)

Drake hosted the rich and famous of Hollywood, sports and entertainment in the 12,500 square foot home built for entertaining guests. The home featured seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, six fireplaces, wine cellar, tasting room, bar, recording studio and a movie theater.

Drake Sold Yolo Estate in 2022 For $11.8M

While Drake reportedly sold the Yolo Estate back in June of 2022 for $3 million under his $14.8M asking price, he wasted no time making an even bigger purchase. That same year, he purchased a 20,000-square-foot, 10-bedroom, 22-bathroom mansion in Beverly Crest for $70 million.

The memories made in Hidden Hills and the stories that the celebrity visitors keep close to their vest are the stuff of legends. Fans will do the wildest things just to get a glimpse into the decadent celebrity lifestyle.

OBJ Trained at Drake’s Hidden Hills Mansion

Beckham says the best offseason he ever had was in 2015. Drake let OBJ stay at his palatial estate during the NFL offseason, while away on the Would You Like a Tour? circuit.

Drake’s third headlining tour began on Oct. 18, 2013, in Pittsburgh and continued until March 5, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. The tour featured the top artists in the game with different opening acts throughout. Future, Miguel, Jhene Aiko and The Weeknd appeared.

OBJ was coming off a season where he posted career-highs in yardage (1,450) and TDs (13) as the star player on the New York Giants. He was very focused on improving and says Drake’s amenity-filled estate provided him with a gym, pool workouts, tennis courts, basketball courts and he says he literally didn’t have to leave the house when he was training.

A tennis court is among the many amenities offered at Drake’s $22.5M Hidden Hills compound, where NY Giants star OBJ would work out. (Photo Credit: Beverly Hills Estate)

OBJ says during his training he would also utilize the hills that decorated the estate and were used for working horses.

Drake’s Mansions Have Been Broken Into Before

The All-Pro receiver probably didn’t realize that the break-in would become of many at Drake’s various homes , most recently, last January, when an intruder broke into Drake’s mansion near Beverly Hills.

In hindsight, it seemed to be worth it because in 2016 OBJ came back with another great season, grabbing 10 TDs and becoming a fan favorite for his style on the field and off.

OBJ continued: “So, they run up in the house and they’re like, ‘Bro, we made it to Drake’s crib. Socks dirty as hell, like they had to crawl through the mountains to get here. So I’m trying to play it cool, and they’re like, ‘OBJ, What’s up, man?’”

At 56:32 Odell Beckham talks about break-in when he was staying at rapper Drake’s Hidden Hills mansion in 2015, while Drizzy was on tour.

OBJ says he dapped the guys up, but he was on edge, and he took a photo and gave them an autograph but was still unsure if the intruders were “carrying something.”

What Was OBJ Wearing?

Nearly 10 seasons later and OBJ remains one of the most popular and polarizing players in the game, even in these late stages of his career.

Beckham showed up to M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore wearing a modern cowboy look that ESPN described as a “cow-print leather jacket”.

He only had one catch for 12 yards in the game, but Beckham’s fashion choices have always been a hot topic and he never fails to bless the tunnel with unique drip.

Social media had much to say about the polarizing player’s fits. Most fans were complimentary. Others couldn’t resist the jokes.

OBJ always knows how to give the fans what they want and his knack for that served him well during the B&E at Drake’s Hidden Hills estate.

After the intruders left, Beckham Jr. says he called security immediately, while he gathered his composure. With OBJ sporting a worth exceeding $40 million and the many items of value throughout Drake’s estate, the home invaders could have had bad intentions.

Instead, it’s another story in the archives of the wild times and sticky situations that provide Drake with so much Grammy-winning material.

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