Odell Beckham Jr.’s Crucial Fourth-Down Drop Crushed The Browns| Can We Finally Say He’s More Celebrity Than Substance?

Odell Beckham Jr.’s one-handed grab that immortalized him in football lore and made him one of the most popular players in the game has sadly become the height of what was originally thought to be a future Hall of Fame career.

As we know, injuries and personality clashes have impeded his production, but analysts, fans and fellow players continue to sing his praises as an elite wide receiver in the game. Even if his production says otherwise.

Through all of his trials and tribulations, his fanbase never wavered, but Beckham never reclaimed his past glory. His iconic moments gave way to inconsistent play and a case of the dropsies.

In Cleveland’s recent heart-breaking loss to the Chargers, Odell Beckham, who is not happy about his decreased role in the offense, dropped a crucial 4th-and-2 pass delivered by quarterback Baker Mayfield, a play that essentially cost the Browns seven points.

Of course Beckham’s faithful followers defended him.

When it comes to existing in the TMZ/social meda lane, Beckham is All-Pro.

You can often see exploits of his love affair with gorgeous IG queen Lolo Wood. OBJ’s custom Lamborghini truck was in the news recently as well.

OBJ is famous enough to never really have to work again, but you’d have to call his career one that’s on the decline.

Beckham hasn’t had more than 1,100 yards receiving since his third year with the Giants in 2016. It’s been a half a decade since he’s been considered dominant. His targets have dropped considerably since coming to Cleveland, and he’s been inconsistent.

His celebrity has outgrown the potency of his football talent, and some fans aren’t letting OBJ slide.


When Beckham was traded to the Browns after a personality conflict with the Giants in 2019, he was expected to provide Baker Mayfield with a top-five receiver to make Cleveland’s new franchise quarterback’s NFL transition easier.

Unfortunately, stats show that Mayfield actually plays better when OBJ is not on the field and rumors of “chemistry issues” between the two have been rampant.

The narrative that Mayfield is better off without Beckham continues to grow legs with every unproductive game OBJ has.

OBJ’s cult following is real, so he’s not just catching insults. He’s got a steel wall groupie defense shield holding him down. The entire situation continues to be a social media ordeal between Baker Mayfield fans and OBJ fans.

Beckham has toned it done a lot over the years as far as being vocal in public about his opinions about his team. Who can forget the legendary interview with Lil Wayne sitting next to him where he lambasted the Giants organization and set his exit out of N.Y. in motion? He was talking real greasy back then.

You have to believe OBJ and Mayfield will get on the same page eventually. Beckham can facilitate that growth by being the caliber of receiver that’s deserving of being sixth-highest paid in the entire NFL. 


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