Odell Beckham Drops Video Comparing His Sideline Antics To Tom Brady’s

On one side of the coin, fans have been debating the idea that the Pats, especially Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, have been subjects of favoritism by the referees and the League in general. On the other side of the coin are players like Odell Beckham Jr., whose fire and emotion on the sidelines has led to intense criticism and hatred.

After Brady blew up this past weekend at offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Beckham took to Instagram to post a video of his sideline actions and had the “audacity” to compare them to those of the GOAT, Tom Brady. Low and behold, the reactions are very similar in nature, but the comments around them are far from that. While Brady is regarded as an intense competitor and full of passion, Beckham is criticized for being childish, reckless, immature and foolish.

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself as to if Beckham has a case. We think he does.


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