Ochocinco Wants All The Smoke! Steps To Shakur Stevenson After Beef With Jermall Charlo And Cam’ron

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is known for his outspokenness and athleticism. Now he wants to be known for his in-ring ability and showcasing that he is never afraid to scuffle. Recently, Ochocinco sent a tweet to former WBC, WBO, and The Ring super featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson, and it was clear he wanted to dance in the squared circle.

“I’m waiting to work w/ you #Respectfully,” Ochocinco tweeted at Stevenson to let him know he wants to train with one of the best young fighters in boxing’s pro ranks.

Stevenson expressed his interest by simply tweeting back, “Pull up on me.”

All The Smoke

Johnson made his boxing debut back in 2021 on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul exhibition in Miami at Hard Rock Stadium against Brian Maxwell. Although Johnson was looking decent in the ring against a more seasoned fighter, midway through the fourth round he got hit by a big right hook that dropped him to the canvas. Fortunately for Johnson, there was no official judging and subsequently no official winner.

However, Johnson got up off the canvas and finished the four-round exhibition respectably. Contact sport athletes now want to be combat sports athletes, and the individualism that comes with the lack of reliance on a team has proved intoxicating to the former NFL player.

“My life has always been about taking chances and doing crazy stuff — this was on my bucket list,” Johnson said after the fight. “This was a message to everyone out there: Don’t be scared to take chances. Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s OK.”

Ochocinco has trained with Jermall Charlo, one half of the champion boxing twins. Last month the two got into a heated slightly playful argument on IG live where he let Charlo know he was not scared of him if their relationship evolved into fighting each other.

“I’mma beat your a**. I’mma knock that f***ing wave cap right of your motherf***ing head,” Johnson said passionately. “Let’s fight for your house,” Johnson said when Charlo showed his palatial home behind him.

“Fight for it?” Charlo said smiling. “I’ll fight for it. I’m already fighting for it, so I might as well beat your a** in the meantime.” Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton sat in the background amazed at Johnson’s confidence.

Oh Boy

Johnson also got into it with Cam’ron over the rapper’s new sports analyst with a cultural twist online show “It Is What It is.”

“Cam you my man but once I finish fasting & get back in front of the camera I’m gone dominate that space” Ochocinco tweeted.

The “Oh Boy” rapper then eviscerated Johnson online for the comment.

“Ayo watch your mouth,” Cam’ron said. “First of all, Chad…out of all the NFL analysts you coming after me? You moving oppy. You got to be careful of n***as who be headbutting bhes, ’cause Chad will headbutt a b***h in a minute.”

Ochocinco is ready for all the smoke, whether in the boxing ring or the internet, just watch your head.

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