NYT Says Donald Trump Pays Less Taxes Than You!

According to a bombshell report that just was dropped from the New York Times, the president has paid about $750 in federal income taxes five times a year out of the last 15— the other ten cycles he paid nothing at all.

While The Don has refused to give up his tax returns, a gesture that most every president since the 1970s has done, The Times has detailed extensively how he has found loopholes that benefited the real estate tycoon over the years.

For instance, while paying only $750 in 2016 and 2017, it is reported that when he filed he made insane deductions like $70,000 for his hair care and listed his daughter as a consultant for the Trump Organization which allowed him to write off hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Former Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich said, “I’m telling you there are people out there, and I know, I come from blue collar, hard-working, these folks are scraping to make a living and they’re going to wake up and find this incredible mogul paid $750.”

Donald Trump is paying less than a grand in taxes, it is mindboggling to read in the Times report that he is currently at war with the IRS about whether or not his corporate witchcraft should have resulted in a tax refund of $73,000,000.

This is just domestic — the investigation actually showed that he has paid more taxes to foreign governments: $145,400 to India and $156,824 to the Philippines in 2017.

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