NY Giants Make Odell Beckham Jr. The Highest Paid Receiver In The NFL

The Giants put an end to the speculation and criticism and various opinions about Odell Beckham Jr.’s worth as a receiver by awarding the flamboyant and talented player with the record-breaking contract he was seeking. 

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Breaking: #Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr has now agreed to a 5-year extension that makes him the highest paid WR in the NFL on a $95M max deal, $65M total guaranteed.

The two sides were expected to come to an agreement with the regular season approaching. It was just a matter of how much OBJ would be getting and the Giants werent shy with the bank. Beckham has been criticized by certain media outlets and fans for his wild lifestyle off the field. Hes been involved in a number of shifty incidents this offseason and questions arose about his commitment to the game and his reliability as a teammate once he got paid. 

At one point, OBJ threatened to hold out and there were serious rumors circulating throughout the media mosh pit that the Giants were fielding trade offers for OBJ. Through it all, Giants ownership reiterated that they wanted to sign Beckham and apparently his decision to show up for camp and participate in drills eased any fears they had about his commitment to the organization and willingness to meet the franchise halfway. 

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Odell Beckham could’ve thrown a fit at any number of points in recent months. Instead, he showed up, put the work in and got off to a good start with the new coaching staff. Now, he’s about to get paid well in advance of the team’s first game.

There are still some sour patch kids who think that the Giants overpaid for OBJ and others who feel that he shouldn’t be the highest paid receiver because he’s not as great as Antonio Brown or Julio Jones. Maybe not, but the Giants feel he’s worth more to them than those receivers are worth to their respective teams. 

OBJ has risen to iconic status since he took the league by storm and became New Yorks cultural phenomenon. Giants fans are ecstatic that OBJs agent Zeke Sandhu and the Giants could get this done. Giants QB Eli Manning desperately needs OBJ’s  skills to have a bounceback 2018 season and will sleep easier tonight. As long as Beckhams primadonna swag doesnt hurt team chemistry and he stays healthy, the Giants will look like wise men at the end of this season. 

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