NY Daily News Cover Appropriately Shames The NFL’s New Anthem Policy

The New York Daily News threw a jab at the NFL with its Thursday cover, as a result of the league’s new 2018 anthem policy.

The cover highlights a silhouetted person who’s kneeling in front of the American flag and alongside names of police brutality victims.

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Today’s NY Daily News is right on the money.

On Wednesday, the league implemented a new rule that required players to either stand during the anthem, stay in the locker room, or face in game penalties. This action is clearly an attempt to hinder the movement started by Colin Kaepernick, who began kneeling in the 2016 season to protest racial injustices and police brutality, and to extinguish further criticism from some fans and President Trump.

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Trump says athletes who kneel during anthem ‘maybe shouldn’t be in the country’ https://t.co/vzF2YX70eM via @nbcnews

Based on the actions of the Daily News and a few NFL players, don’t expect the protesting to stop anytime soon. 

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long, who’s been one of the highly vocal players throughout the movement, recently made a passionate statement and clear opposition against the National Football League’s decision.

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