‘I Survived Assassination Attempts’| Before NBA, Big Meech’s Drug Empire Showered Jalen Rose With Gifts, “Ask Your Uncles”

Jalen Rose wants you to know that when it comes to the gangster side of Detroit, he was there. Rose clapped back smoothly at a Twitter troll who came for his appearance on the BMF series season 2. When a Twitter user posted, “Jalen Rose in BMF is hilarious,” he responded, “I lived it. Ask your Uncles.”

That was a Jalen Rose version of shade.

What Does Hoops Analyst Jalen Rose Have To Do With BMF?

For Rose, playing himself next to a young version of Big Meech was a full circle moment, as when he was an aspiring basketball player in Detroit, he watched the 50 Boys become the future infamous Black Mafia Family. In the late ’80s, when Demetrius and Terry Flenory were carving out their territory in Detroit, a young Jalen Rose bypassed high school basketball powerhouse Cooley High School, opting for Southwestern High School in southwest Detroit.

The move, which was supposed to take him away from the harsh environment, landed him in the realm of the then-50 Boys, precursor to the Black Mafia Family, while becoming a basketball star at Southwestern. Subsequently, the spoils of being a ball player connected to drug dealers were aplenty, with the Flenory brothers taking him shopping and celebrating heartily after his wins.

When Rose was changing the game as a member of the Fab Five in the early ’90s at the University of Michigan he stayed in touch with Meech, and by 2004 when the Detroit drug dealer held his audacious Meech of the Jungle party in his new hub of Atlanta, Rose attended. From live animals, including tigers, elephants, zebras, and naked women with bodypaint, along with celebrities galore, Rose basked in the success of himself and his former quasi-benefactors from home.

Jalen Rose Comes Full Circle In 50 Cent BMF Series

Now, playing himself alongside Demetrius Flenory Jr., aka Little Meech, who plays his father on the show, Rose wants everyone to know he’s been outside for a long time. He recently compared himself and the things he went through as a young player with ties to the streets to the current debacle experienced by Ja Morant.

“I am Ja Morant,” Rose said on NBA Countdown. “You guys got a chance to see me grow up for public consumption since 1991. I’ve been involved in drug raids. I’ve survived assassination attempts; I’ve been that undisciplined young person that was trying to figure out how to be famous, how to be successful, and how to change the dynamics of my family.

“What I had to learn is that people come into your life for four reasons: to add, subtract, multiply or divide; you have to choose wisely. He has way too much to lose. Trust me, I’ve been that young player carrying a gun; when you start waving it that can get you killed.”

When Jalen Rose proclaimed that he lived through BMF in real life, believe him but know that his life is no longer that, as he took the path toward positivity. However, like us all, nostalgia about our past exploits is always a fun game to play, especially when it’s on a top-rated premium cable television show and you’re not watching it from prison.

Jalen Rose says he understands Ja Morant because he grew up around drug kingpins BMF and a part of the lifestyle

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30 thoughts on “‘I Survived Assassination Attempts’| Before NBA, Big Meech’s Drug Empire Showered Jalen Rose With Gifts, “Ask Your Uncles”

  1. Abu Sa’eed says:

    Nice talk from Jalen Rose. Sad, but some boys and nowadays even girls get caught up in the wrong games. And not out some desire to want to be streety, but to survive. How does it get to that point ? So many ways. Of course there are better alternatives, but when you are young, immature and having no one positive to look at and aspire to be like, then you may want to be like the one who’s getting what you need, while blinded by the ways it’s being got and the consequences for doing so.

  2. Demetrius White says:

    Many people have/will lived many different lives. Understand/allow people to grow and refine themselves until they are the best versions of themselves.

  3. Lpend53 says:

    If he lived it he lived it …. Damn‼️

  4. Jbostl no not that one says:

    Don’t see any reason he has to lie.. I mean he most definitely is from Detroit and he was a teenager around that time so it’s really not that hard to believe… He carved out his own path and made it LEAGALY……


  5. Bobby lester says:

    He has a survival Story. Many people don’t survive that they be in and don’t get out. I was there once but I survive by the grace of God who brought me out so he survived himself had to have a good head on Himself

  6. Talldawg says:

    Man ant lieing youngsta don’t know shit just cause you sale weed carry an drako dat don’t my you street 2 years 5 years two time looser 645194 my pirson number texas early 90$ know what IAM talking about bmt

  7. Patricia Ann Hull says:

    I love this show omg it’s the bomb and the realness of this show. You all keep doing what you are doing being the best actors and actresses. These things are really still going on in the streets for sure.

  8. Patricia Ann Hull says:

    I love this show you all keep doing what you are doing being the best actors and actresses that you are and keeping it real. Unfortunately these things are still going on in the streets.

  9. BobbyDee Hall says:

    He was Bless to find a way out because of his God given talent and common sense. He’s not bragging he’s just saying that he found a way out.

  10. Robert Hemingway jr says:

    If you know of the fab five. You know Jalen Rose.You how he was when he was coming up. Guy ain’t lying

  11. James Gregory Washington jr says:

    Jalen Rose has been My Realer..Since Fab 5 As a Freshman/Sophmore Being ALL In!! He Has A Great Career In the NBA…Played In The Amazing Kobe 81”’ Game.. Married The Gorgeous Molly Quirm..First Take Greatness!!! Me Being Born In The Street Life Here In FUNKYTOWN TX. You Juz Can’t Make Up…Living N SURVIVING The Street Life!!! N STILL BE Here…Hoping You Can Aspire This Today’s Yunger Generation…TO NOT LET THA HOOD TAKE YOU UNDER!!! FIGHT DAILY TO OVERCOME ALL THE ODDS IN LIFE N NEVER GIVE UP WANTING TO ACHIEVE!!!!

  12. Shawn Henderson says:

    Love ya keep it up

  13. Michael Young says:

    What’s all the big halla -balla – ballabaloo. The man been there, done that, and come again. Surviving them streets in Detroit in them days wasn’t no damn joke. The man’s a survivor. Keep On Trucking Bro. Jalan. One Love. Michael

  14. Ebony green says:

    We want to hear your said, make a after season talking about you..

  15. Adrian Lopez says:

    Time to be a knucklehead already passed you by as soon as you turned 18. It’s a grown up world now. Make that paper and stay humble young man. The world doesn’t need to see what you’re up to. Don’t think youre invincible or invisible. Showing out the wrong way will entice some knuckleheads (with nothing going for them) to step to you and take what you have, including your life. Pa Morant you better reel your young man in and and away from the tragedy waiting around the corner. Enjoy your god given talent and everything that comes with it. But, do it by being humble.

  16. Corrupt says:

    J Rose talking facts , like he said, go ask your uncle little boy

  17. Gregory says:

    Look how Lynn Bias took the wrong turn. And effected everyone connected to his life.

  18. Fred Easter says:

    I’m Fred Easter, my recently written book Not Perfectly Divided describes the consequences of our divisions. It gives solutions to end Generational Incarceration. Not only that but I give a clear description of how I overcame 5 different terms of imprisonment in 3 different states. Our program W.O.R.D (Working On Real Dreams) is designed to prevent others from falling victim to these same pitfalls and have a prosperous life!

  19. M. Broadus says:

    Humble that words means the world to me as far as Ja goes you have a 23 year old kid with more money than anybody he knows the environment he grew up in was gangs everywhere im quite sure he and his family know gang members that’s the reality of growing up in the hood. The mentality is doggie dog.. He has to unlearn what he has learned come on what he is going through is a life long commitment not a quick fix so he can continue making the NBA some 💰 Ja I 🙏 for you

  20. I went to school with J. Rose and he is not lying at all. Southwestern Prospectors for life. I was a sophomore and he was a senior. Hustling in Southwest Detroit was the norm for young black men. If you wasn’t down with YBI, BMF, Chambers Brothers, or any other known associations, then more than likely you was just solo dolo.
    C/O 93…..

  21. Damon L Dodson says:

    I’m a firm believer in “Making your environment a product “! And, not “Becoming a product of your ENVIRONMENT “! And, that’s what makes changes in your community, your life, and decisions! By, giving back positive experiences that we all go through in are harsh realities in living in negative pressured ENVIRONMENTS! Try to do the next RIGHT things! And, that’s what Jalen is doing for his community in Detroit! I salute you my brother!

  22. Jamison Rayford says:

    I’m from that era…grew up in the 80s also from the midwest. J.Rose is official. Believe that. He’s a good person to speak to Ja about the perils of what he’s doing. Peace.

  23. Shawn Jones says:

    Man these kids don’t know $hit. Don’t let a suit and tie fool you. You never know what lies beneath the suit and tie. I am speaking from self experience. It’s amazing when you wake up and change people’s perception of you. Meanwhile inside thinking if they only knew 🤣🤣🤣 not every gangsta or street cat goes to jail for life or gets killed early. Some do switch it up when they become a parent or get the chance. But the legendary things they did (good or bad) you hear about but may not know the faces. Sometimes they are right up under you in silence!

  24. Duece11 says:

    Where and what is Funkytown TX I lived in TX all over that state and never heard anywhere called that lmao

  25. P. Green says:

    Y’all youngster and oldster better listen I’m 7 decades old and coming from a Dallas subreb know it’s the truth. We moved out upon my graduation but my cousin’s and friends weren’t as fortunate. They or eighter dead or in prison.

  26. Terez Bryant says:

    I’m gonna keep it 💯. Jalen Rose is official. He has lived and seen the whole street culture evolve. He went to Southwestern High and lived in The Puritan Avenue crew territory. He is the main person to talk to Ja Morant. Cause if Jalen can overcome the streets Ja Morant can clean up his act.

  27. Shy says:

    You know it’s crazy We don’t give credit where credit or praise where it is really due. It’s sad to say but it’s true, if someone says they did time in prison we believe them there’s no fact checkers there’s no commentary But this guy goes on a national television show based on a true story about people that he went to high school with and everybody wants to sit here and question it ..why ? Is it because he actually made something positive out of himself? (WELL THAT CANT POSIBLY BE RIGHT?)so everyone got something to say. Had he claimed to have been to prison nobody would give it a second thought SMH this type of negative thought is a sign of some deep seeded issues we as a country need to change.

  28. Dwayne Lee Parker says:

    I’m from Detroit I grew up with all the dope gangs from Frank nitty usher to ybi Demetrius Holloway Maserati Rick the best of friends BMF came after Demetrius Holloway was killed along with Maserati Rick and then the indictment of the chamber brothers because if all of them were still alive at the time BMF came out they wouldn’t have been in this in Detroit at all nowhere but Southwest Detroit so you ain’t seen s*** you all would have got merch

  29. Keenan Powell says:

    I can truly understand just because one finds alternat ways to make money does not make them bad people its called survival most folks dont get it but i do. No shame live yo life get yo papper.D Rose you the man

  30. Alicia Banks says:

    It’s so many Black Men who were Ja Morant. My Prayer is that you don’t just use your platforms to talk about this, go and get in the face and look at the white in the Young Men and tell them who they are and what they can become. You are a witness to, coming from the dirt and not staying in the mud.

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