“No One Was Touched” | Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Willie Gay Arrested But Will Play In AFC Divisional Showdown

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay was arrested just days before the AFC divisional game against the Buffalo Bills.

According to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Gay was arrested in a misdemeanor criminal damage case Wednesday night in Overland Park.


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Will Gay Derail The Postseason?

According to reports, officers responded to The Highlands Apartments in Overland Park, and Gay was arrested and booked into the Johnson County Detention Center.

However, reports are that the charge might not be that serious, although classified as a domestic violence offense. According to police reports, Gay is accused of damaging a vacuum cleaner, humidifier, cellphone screen protector, door frame, and wall.

As of game day, he’s expected to play.

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Gay’s domestic confrontation involved his son’s mother. He was ultimately charged with misdemeanor criminal damage under $1,000. According to reports, the damaged items’ value is listed in the police report as $225.

Gay’s Representative Speaks

The Kansas City Chiefs are aware of the incident; however, Maxx Lepselter, Gay’s agent, released a statement to confirm that no one was harmed physically and that the incident happened during an argument with his son’s mother.


“Willie was at his son’s house, visiting. He and the mother got into an argument during which he broke her vacuum. No one was touched, nothing happened beyond broken appliance,” Lepselter said.
“She called cops about it and they took him in on misdemeanor destruction of property of less than $1000. Likely just pays a fine and replaces vacuum. Nothing more, all should be resolved today with no further issues. We will confirm when resolved.”

The Receipts

The criminal complaint about the incident was made available online:

I, Michael F. McElhinney, Assistant District Attorney of said County, upon
information and belief, state under oath to the court that WILLIE EARL GAY, JR. did the following:
COUNT I – That on or about the 19th day of January, 2022, in the County of Johnson, State of Kansas, WILLIE EARL GAY, JR. did then and there unlawfully and knowingly, by means other than fire or explosive, damage property, to-wit: vacuum cleaner, wall, door frame, to the extent of less than $1,000.00, in which another person had an interest, to wit: (alleged victim name redacted by KCTV5), without the consent of such person, a class B non-person misdemeanor, which constitutes a domestic violence offense, in violation of KSA 21-5813, KSA 21-6602 and KSA 22-4616 (criminal damage to property).
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed by and on this date.
Offense(s) Alleged:
21-5813(c)(3) CRIM DAMAGE <$1000_X_ The Court finds from the complaint and affidavit that there is probable cause to believe both that a crime has been committed in Johnson County, Kansas and that the defendant committed the same.

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs face the Buffalo Bills in an AFC Divisional game. The Bills defeated the Chiefs during Week 5, and now their rematch is one of the hottest matchups in the postseason.

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