No Justice for Sandra Bland

On Monday a Waller County (TX) Grand Jury failed to return any indictments in the death of Sandra Bland, which occurred in July. Taken into custody on false charges of assault filed by Trooper Encinia after vocalizing her rights, Bland was dragged out the car, thrown to the ground and placed in handcuffs. The fiery Chicagoan continued to verbally express her rights after she was subdued, even after being slammed to the ground by the officer.  

She had been detained for three days before being found dead in her cell of asphyxiation at the Waller County Jail. The medical examiner ruled her death a suicide but this has been denied by family and friends who claim that she would never do such a thing. Her sister, Shante Needham, says she spoke to Sandra just prior to her death. 

Video footage from inside the jail did not show what occurred inside her cell. However, authorities say it suggests that no one entered her cell before she was found deceased.

Bland family attorney told reporters that the outcome is consistent with what they have come to expect from authorities over Sandras death.

“They continue to do things we are disappointed in,” he said.

The circumstances surrounding her death, including how and why she had garbage inside her cell when it is customary for such things to be prohibited from being placed in jail cells, still are very vague.

Prosecutor Darrell Jordan says the Waller County grand jury would return in January to consider whether to indict police officer Brian Encinia, who arrested Ms. Bland in July.

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