‘The Motivation Becomes Your Lifestyle … Winning Is A Lifestyle’ | Nikola Jokic Is Obsessed With Success

Two-time MVP and reigning Finals MVP Nikola Jokic sat down with teammate Michael Porter Jr. for an episode of the latter’s podcast “Curious Mike.” During the conversation Jokic revealed what keeps him motivated despite the tremendous success, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that obsession is at the heart of it.

Nikola Jokic appeared on Michael Porter Jr.’s “Curious Mike” podcast. During the conversation Jokic revealed what keeps him motivated despite the tremendous success. (Screenshot/CMP)

“The motivation becomes your lifestyle of being obsessed with the success,” Jokic said to Porter Jr. “I think winning is a lifestyle. You get obsessed with winning and that lifestyle.”

The Motivation To Be Successful Is There

Honestly, did you expect anything different from a man who in just eight seasons is a five-time All-NBA, five-time All-Star, two-time MVP, Finals MVP and champion?

That is a nice stretch of dominance and you don’t get to the top of the best basketball league in the world without a level of obsession. This game and league is too hard.

What makes Jokic seem different to a casual fan is he doesn’t fit the archetype that has traditionally been at the top of the league, particularly off the court. He shuns the spotlight, would rather be back home in Serbia with his horses, doesn’t do a lot of interviews and isn’t a ubiquitous product pitchman.

Fame On His Own Terms

While I have my issues with athlete-driven media, this format is exactly the type of media that would allow Jokic to open up and reveal what makes him tick. He is a team-first guy and sitting down with Porter Jr. is easy and relaxing. His guard isn’t up and athlete to athlete there is a special language.

The interview revealed that Jokic has the same mindset as many of the all-time greats. It’s all about the work and preparation and you have to love the process in order to experience consistent greatness.

“My game starts (the night before the game) and ends after I stretch or after we are lifting together after,” Jokic continued. “My game doesn’t end when there are zeroes on the clock.”

Jokic is also starting to accept the larger responsibility he has as being the best player in the game with being an ambassador and more visible. The recent Hotels.com commercial spot he did with teammate Peyton Watson is an example of this and it combines elements that allow him to be comfortable. Working with his teammates and horses.

The Denver Nuggets’ big man is never going to be a LeBron James type pitchman, it’s not his comfort zone and fame is still the part about being in the NBA he likes the least. But he has a burning hunger to maintain a winning lifestyle. That makes him similar to LeBron and all the other NBA greats.

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