Nike Suing Company That Made Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” 

Nike is going after the company making Lil Nas X’s controversial  “Satan Shoes

The internet has been abuzz ever since Lil Nas X dropped the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name) video that some feel pushed the limits of decency, as he gave the devil a lap dance, within a series of other controversial images and messages.  

The shoe giant, according to TMZ is suing MSCHF Product Studio — the company that collaborated with the rapper to produce Satan Shoe, aka the “blood shoes.” (Shouts to Cardi B) 

Lil Nas took it upon himself to cop some customized Nike Air Max 97 shoes which feature the pentagram symbol, a Bible verse that references Satan, and allegedly a drop of blood from one of MSCHF’s employees. 

Here’s the kicker: There are only 666 pairs being made and they go for over $1K 

Nike claims that the company is tricking consumers into thinking it approved the Satan-themed kicks, but Nike is like, “no way, no how” were they involved in the production of the offensive shoe Nike claims that MSCHF purchases the shoes from Nike and then artists it works with make their own creative modifications before selling them at a higher price. 

It’s a hustle. But everybody is sensitive these days and for some reason, a lot of athletes started coming out of the woodwork to denounce the shoe. 

Said NBA player Nick Young, before finding out that Nike didn’t make the shoe: 

My kids will never play Old Town road again…I’m still debating about wearing @Nike after this come on Nike, a drop of blood for real.

Not sure if Devil-worship is against the law, but I do know that it makes religious folks feel squeamish. However, the attention Nas X has received from the sneakers and his video has elevated his profile, netting him millions and millions of views and downloads and keeping him as a controversial enterprise in music’s public eye. 

He’s been doing it.

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It’s simply brilliant marketing, same as when he chose Gay Pride Month back in 2019 to come out of the closet. A genius move that gave his album an extra boost.

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If you have followed the music business long enough, you already know what this is. Anybody getting too upset with this is feeding into his trap and making his label clap. 

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