Nia Long And Ime Udoka Back Together Again? Rumors Say So, Which Is Bad News For Cam’ron

It looks like Nia Long and Ime Udoka might be getting back together. A tumultuous chain of events occurred for the former Boston Celtics head coach after it was revealed that he had an affair with one of his married staffers. The fling resulted in his firing and the breakup of his engagement with Long.

There are reports that the two may have moved past the transgression and are on the path to reconciliation.

“The way [the cheating story] came out, it was so disrespectful to their family,” a supposed unnamed friend of Nia Long reportedly told Media Takeout. “They have a child together, a family together.”

The Scandal

The Celtics employee rumored to have had an affair with Udoka was married mother of three named Kathleen Nimmo Lynch, who acted as a team service manager for the Celtics. Lynch has ties to legendary Celtics champion Danny Ainge, who reportedly assisted her in landing the job with the team.

Ainge served as the Celtics’ president of basketball operations from 2003 until his retirement in 2021; former head coach Brad Stevens succeeded him. Ainge is now a basketball executive for the Utah Jazz. Ainge allegedly learned early during the summer of 2022 that the Celtics investigated Udoka’s relationship with Lynch.

Lynch and Ainge are reportedly of the Mormon faith and have known each other’s families for decades, reportedly from the same hometown and attending Brigham Young University. The situation was sticky for Udoka, and he was eventually replaced by his assistant coach Joe Mazzulla.

The Get Back

According to the friend, the two are “working on things.” When the scandal initially broke, the friend claimed that Long was highly embarrassed and stunned, which had her at a loss. Long, who is based in Los Angeles with her son she and Udoka share, is now closer to Udoka geographically as he is now the head coach of the Houston Rockets franchise.

“They’ve been coparenting together this whole time,” Long’s girlfriend continued. “And Ime’s apologized and all that. They’re trying to work things out.”

In a sign that the co-parenting is going well, the friend also revealed that Nia and their son have been to his new Texas home over the summer multiple times.

“If they do get back together, it’s not going to be some big announcement. They both learned their lesson, and will keep their relationship private.”

Celebrities like Cam’ron, who have attempted to shoot their shot at Nia Long, may not have a chance anymore as Udoka might have put the life he blew up back together again.

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