New Details Emerge In Ime Udoka Scandal And Danny Ainge May Be In The Middle? What In The Randomness?

Details of the Ime Udoka situation are starting to trickle out, and now the former executive director of basketball operations for the Celtics, Danny Ainge, might be loosely part of the narrative. The Celtics employee rumored to have had an affair with Udoka was married to mother of three team service manager Kathleen Nimmo Lynch. Although this info is not new, the fact that the 34-year-old has personal ties with a very disappointed Danny Ainge has now been discovered.

Lynch and the legendary Celtics champion have personal ties, and he reportedly assisted her in landing the job with the team. Ainge left the Celtics last year after serving as the Celtics’ president of basketball operations from 2003 until his retirement in 2021; former head coach Brad Stevens succeeded him. Ainge is now the head of basketball operations for the Utah Jazz.

The 63-year-old three-time Celtics champion is a devout Mormon, and Lynch allegedly is also. According to The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints website, in the Doctrine of Fidelity, Exodus 20:14 states: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

Ainge was reported to be “deeply disappointed by the affair, especially given the fact they have families.”

Ainge allegedly learned early during the summer months that the Celtics initiated an investigation into Udoka’s relationship with Lynch. Lynch and Ainge have deep ties knowing each other’s families for decades as the two are reportedly from the same hometown and attended Brigham Young University, supported by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Lynch reportedly grew up an active Mormon in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Ainge’s adopted hometown, as a Celtics player and executive. Ainge and his wife have raised a family of six. Lynch reportedly later attended college with Ainge’s daughter at Brigham Young University, cementing her as a family friend with religious ties.

“The relationship to the Ainge family or where she went to school or her religious affiliation had nothing to do with the severity of the punishment,” a source told The Daily Mail. “The good thing is that everyone regrets what happened and is taking responsibility, and humbled, and trying to fight for their families and lives back.”

Early reports suggested that Lynch was the woman in the alleged scandal and that her husband found out uniquely. According to “Entertainment Tonight,” the female staffer Udoka was involved with and heard on the security camera communicating with is married. Patrick Lynch reportedly overheard a conversation on the security camera between his wife and Udoka, exposing the affair. Patrick is reportedly the Celtics’ vice president of finance.

Her role with the team was as a team liaison, arranging travel, lodging, and game tickets for Celtics family members at home and on the road. She most likely arranged the travel for Udoka’s fiancée, actress Nia Long, who moved to Boston for Udoka’s career.

Although all reports are that the affair was consensual and short-lived, having ended when investigators were involved, Udoka was suspended and publicly embarrassed. The reason given was that he broke his contract with the relationship.

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