NFL Ruling On Anthem Protest Adds Fuel To The Fire

The line was drawn in the sand by the NFL as Roger Goodell announced the NFLs new anthem policy today, and it requires all players to stand or face consequences. The NFL is publicly letting it be known that it considers silent social protest an enemy of the league and players will have to leave their hearts, consciousness and moral compass at the stadium gates on Sundays. 

Or stay in the locker room until the anthem is over. 

ESPN reports the the NFL …will fine teams if its personnel on the field dont stand and show respect for the flag.

That language is insensitive, aggressive and continues to show a lack of respect and understanding for why Colin Kaepernick kneeled in the first place. Kaepernick was moved to action by a deep hole of destruction he saw burning through the core of our country. 

He saw people of color who were already politically, socially, educationally and financially disenfranchised become target practice for overzealous and racist cops. Kaep wanted to bring attention to oppression, police brutality and injustice.


My wife’s policy in the divorce papers was that she gets the kids and the house.

After nearly two years of conflict, conversation and contentious dialogue between the President, NFL owners and their predominantly African-American players, the NFL has decided to stop listening to the players. They’re standing behind the owners in attempting to impose a rule that legislates and threatens players into standing for the national anthem. The ruling also wisely separates the league and its logo from any personal liability or decisions regarding player protests. 

If the blackballing of Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid wasnt enough of a signal that the owners werent going to easily relent in this ongoing saga, Wednesday’s rule change was proof enough. 

Some call it a victory for the owners. Others call it the NFLs attempt to  control the inmates. Few people call it wise.


Predominantly white owners are making this ruling to prevent their predominantly black players from peacefully protesting against profound, malignant racial injustice in their society. Way to go, @nfl! White privilege, it would appear, is alive and well. SMH. Gutless cowards.…

No matter how many times Kaepernick’s position was explained by everyone from sympathetic whites to black scholars to the leading political minds, the NFL has chosen to side with the ignorance of stubborn, right wing, closed-minded capitalists. 


Just like Donald Trump is “winning” that lawsuit brought by people who he wrongfully blocked on Twitter? Oh no, wait, he lost that case and they found he was violating citizens’ First Amendment rights.

Naturally, the NFLPA isnt happy about the ruling. It creates more divisiveness, animosity, frustration and dissension between the players and the owners

If anything, this ruling makes the situation worse and reverses all of the good that was done in the financial agreement reached between The Player’s Coalition and NFL owners.  If the NFL was hoping to avoid the media mess, ratings decrease, fan backlash and financial loss that occurred last season, then forcing the hand of proud African-American men who just want to use their platform to improve communities that are decaying from lack of resources, opportunity and an equal playing field, wont make things better. 

It breeds confrontation and eventually chaos. The players response tells us that much and something like this could actually provoke them to action again.  



The city of Philadelphia and its World Champion Eagles have been the center of black social consciousness throughout the Kaepernick ordeal. With the offseason addition of staunch Kaepernick supporter Michael Bennett, Players Coalition head Malcom Jenkins and the provocative effects of the Meek Mill situation, the NFL wont lack ratings or interest when the entire sports world immerses itself in the NFLs opening night as the Eagles host the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, Sept. 6 in prime time on NBC.

In light of the NFLs recent ruling and the myriad opinions being expressed about it on sports talk TV, radio and social media, the evening has a chance to be historical and explosive


You do realize that the media plays a big part in the “distraction”. They don’t have to ask Kaep anything protest related. They choose to.

The players options at this point?    

Stand. Stay in the locker room. Or come out and kneel or raise a fist and be fined. In an age where diversity and tolerance is the message, the NFL seems to be moving backwards towards philosophical slavery. 

What if half the players remain in the locker room? How will that look for the NFL and its sponsors? I cant wait.  

Its clear that there are still a few owners who feel players should be allowed to protest and show public support for that choice, but not at the expense of the big bottom line. Theyd rather just pay the fines.  


Jets co-owner Christopher Johnson says he will pay any fines his players might be subjected to as part of the NFL’s new national anthem policy, per @BobGlauber

But don’t think these owners aren’t happy that some kind of rule was put in place, although I’m still not sure how anyone with a moral compass can think that silencing the cries of the disenfranchised is anything but totally adverse to the principles of this country and the spirit of equality promised by our founding laws. 

The NFL owners have met numerous times over the last year and this is the best they could come up with? 

The saga of Colin Kaepernick’s protest continues.

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