NFL Proposes Expanding Season To 18 Games

The NFL continues to be a perplexing lesson in contradictions, conflict and the false illusion of dedication to player safety. But don’t be fooled because the bottom line is always about money.

As the NFL continues to change rules, implement new player safety programs and promote an effort towards slowing concussions, the league decides that it’s a good idea to propose adding two more games to a schedule that players already complain is too long.

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The idea has been percolating for years; finally, the NFL has proposed to the NFLPA the idea of an 18-game season with a 16-games-per-player limit

The maximum number of games that each player can play would be just 16, which would only complicate matters. Not being able to play your best talent in a crucial game late in the season could become problematic.

If the NFLPA approves this move, it would come at the expense of the preseason. The number of preseason games will be drastically reduced or eliminated altogether for some other form of preseason program that involves less contact undoubtedly, and more simulation.

The NFL is making billions and with the influence of Colin Kaepernick in the rearview mirror and the CTE scare that had the League scrambling for a minute becoming yesterday’s news, it’s business as usual again.

Not sure why today’s well-informed NFLPA would be in favor of extending their chances to get injured and acquire CTE for a small percentage of the massive financial gain that owners and the League stand to haul in for extending the season.

Football overload is what they should call it. The League and owners would turn the game into Arena Football if that would mean more profits.

These guys better be careful. Like Mike Greenberg said on ESPN, “The scarcity of the product remains, in my opinion, the most valuable thing. ..any time you tinker with that you’re taking a risk.”

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