Ex-NFL Player Beanie Wells Says CTE’s Eroding His Brain

    Reports of brain-related injuries associated with football has been the uncomfortable elephant in the room for the NFL over the past fews seasons. As more studies are done on deceased and current football players and diagnoses of CTE are discovered every day, we are no longer surprised to see players reveal their personal experiences with brain damage. 

    Tim and Beanie on Twitter

    As you know, [email protected] has been out a few weeks. Here’s what Beanie said upon his return to the show. https://t.co/jNS2i3JzMk

    According to Bleacher Report, former NFL running back and Ohio state star Chris Beanie Wells said Monday during 97.1 The Fan’s The Tim and Beanie Show  that he recently underwent an MRI after experiencing headaches and issues with his speech and memory.

    “I have some plaque separation,” he told his co-host Tim Hall. “And when you have that plaque separation, it shows that you experienced some sort of traumatic brain injury. Obviously that traumatic injury for me would come from playing football. Not only that. They had some cells tacked on to that separated plaque that I needed to get under control.”

    Wells, the 31st pick of the Arizona Cardinals in the 2009 NFL Draft, pounded out 2,471 rushing yards and scored 24 TDs in his brief NFL career (2009-2012). Wells’ situation not only brings more negative attention to the recent discoveries about brain injuries and football, but it fits the current narrative of the NCAA exploiting student athletes on many levels. 

    The stumbling over the words in my speech thats normal,” Wells said. “But the pausing and the thinking about what to say because I was searching for the words, that wasnt me. I always knew what to say. I always stuttered and talked really fast, but the words that were supposed to be there werent there, and that was something that was alarming to me.

    What Happened to Beanie Wells After He Went Pro?

    beanie wells was a beastly power back for ohio st. what happened to him MY 2ND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ymb1suiDjKVVfC5H6v01Q INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/flemloraps/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FlemLoRaps

    Co-host Tim Hall said Wells will “do what he can” with the radio station going forward and that he would “not be here every day.”

    In 2016, the NFL publicly acknowledged for the first time a connection between football and CTE. In June of 2015, a federal judge approved a class-action lawsuit settlement between the NFL and thousands of former players, providing up to $5 million per retired player for serious medical conditions associated with repeated head trauma.

    According to CNN.com, Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, known as CTE, was found in 99% of deceased NFL players’ brains that were donated to scientific research,” according to a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2017.

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