Washington Commanders Officially Worst Team To Play For In NFL | Beware, Eric Bienemy

Players across the NFL have spoken, 1,300 to be exact, and they have decided which team is the worst to play for in the league, Not surprisingly, it’s the Washington Commanders. The NFL Players Association has compiled the first-ever report card with team evaluations from players who assess all clubs’ treatment of players, which came out last week.

“Besides the strength coaches who received great feedback and grades as one of the best groups in the league,” the NFLPA states, “the rest of the club’s operations and facilities were rated by player respondents at the bottom of every single category.”

Washington Commanders Organization Ranked Last In NFL

At the bottom of the list sat the Washington Commanders ranking last in the NFL by the players. The categories and criteria voted on were varied: including food service/nutrition, weight room, treatment of families, strength coaches, training rooms, training staff, locker room, and team travel. The Commanders flunked in the hospitality department, receiving an “F” for treating families. The club also had “F-minuses” for their training room, locker room, and team travel.

Ironically, the Commanders “owner,” Dan Snyder, has a yacht that is reportedly 305 feet. The vessel purportedly has up to 33 staff to cook for the Snyders and their guests, an IMAX theater, and a helipad. The top-shelf treatment only happens in the owner’s box.

DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA gave NFL clubs grades, and some came back poor. Image Credit: Christian Petersen / Getty

The top ten teams are Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, Las Vegas Raiders, Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, and the New Orleans Saints.

Although the grading will not spark demand for change by the NFLPA, union president JC Tretter will pay attention to any changes or lack thereof amid the grading.

“I’m not expecting teams to knock down their facilities and rebuild them in the next three months,” Tretter said to CBS Sports. “But some of the clear choices where you just have to decide are we going to treat players better? These can be fixed very, very quickly, and we’ll be able to figure out whether it is being cheap or it is ignorance. That’ll be solved in Year 2 for sure.

“It’s going to be very clear what the next steps should be. if you’re unwilling to take those steps then that tells us a lot going into the following year.”

“Please, Sir, I Want Some More”

Additionally, the survey discovered three teams that do not provide dinners for players on work days. Cue Oliver Twist’s famous line, “please, sir, I want some more.” During team travel, six teams do not provide their players with first-class seats, and seven teams have made their players double up in hotel rooms, sharing with teammates during road trips. Awkward much?

The Cincinnati Bengals, who have been relatively successful over the last few years, don’t pay for the players’ supplements and lock the team cafeteria during days off, even when players are asked to come in and work out. The Bengals keep a takeout app on their mobile phones.

“Some guys think this is normal, this is what it is,” Tretter continued. “And those are the little quality of life things that really puts into perspective what decisions your team is making when given the option to do something for you.”

The Commanders did receive an A+ for its strength staff, so at least the conditioning is proper amid the other impersonal treatment. Be careful, Eric Bienemy, be very careful.

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