NFL Greed? | You Can’t Watch Patrick Mahomes Or Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Play In Wild Card Playoff Game If You Don’t Buy Peacock

The biggest weekend of the NFL season is coming up and let’s just say NFL knows how to make some money.

Super Wildcard Weekend begins on Saturday, and over three days they’ll be six playoff matchups, two on Saturday, three Sunday and one Monday night. Saturday night’s matchup between the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins has the makings of a great game, but in order to see it you’ll need to have Peacock, as the streaming service will exclusively have the rights to the game. 

That means you won’t be able to just turn your television to NBC, and enjoy the festivities of Tyreek Hill facing his former team in the playoffs. In May it was reported that NBCUniversal had agreed to a deal to purchase the rights to the game for a whopping $110 million.

So, basically the NFL is making money off of its fans just as it did by selling its Thursday night football package to the Amazon Prime beginning with the 2022 season. This isn’t Peacock’s first rodeo in the exclusive viewing rights game. They also had the Bills/Chargers game in Week 16. 

NFL Greed? 

This has greed by the NFL written all over it, and those who don’t have Peacock will have to cough up the $5.99 to watch Saturday’s game. 

Chiefs edge rusher Charles Omenihu laughed about in his social media post on X formerly known as Twitter

“Us playing on Peacock ONLY is insane I won’t lie.”

Radio host Mike Francesa, who’s known for his controversial takes, took it a little further calling it an “Utterly disgraceful, greedy reach by the NFL.”

Francesa went on a rant calling out the NFL, and he’s not wrong. Although the $5.99 isn’t a large amount, not everyone who enjoys NFL football has extra money to just shell out for a game that’s usually on local television. 

Many Fans Will Still Pay The Fee

Despite the obvious NFL money grab, many fans who’ve waited for playoff action will shell out the cash for the streaming service. The NFL is also smart, the Chiefs and Dolphins matchup is easily the most intriguing matchup of the weekend.

The game features quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his former teammate and wide receiver Tyreek Hill for the second time this season, and the first time facing one another in the playoffs. With the ever-changing landscape of the streaming world, this seems to be the way things are headed. 

So if you’re a diehard who plans on catching all NFL action, at times you’ll to need to buckle down and pay the fees that are required to view certain games. 

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