New Orleans Saints’ Demario Davis Presents Special Gift To Shooting Victim

Christmas is a time for giving back, and that’s exactly what Saints’ linebacker Demario Davis decided to do.

At Mardi Gras earlier this year, gunfire erupted, leaving partygoers scrambling for cover. Unfortunately for Samuel Butler and his family, he wasn’t as lucky. Butler was shot in the head and rushed to the hospital. He was in critical condition and thankfully survived, but not without having his life completely changed.

The 18-year-old was scheduled to graduate this year but suffered a severe brain injury which resulted in him being confined to a wheelchair, unable to speak and dependent upon others for basic things such as eating. His aunt, Allieta Butler-Blue, has been his primary caretaker since his mother passed away. Needless to say, she was devastated when she found out her nephew had been shot.

“It just took my breath away,” said Butler-Blue. “I can’t even describe how it felt to see him like that. He was unresponsive for close to two weeks.”

After months of rehab and struggle for the family, help arrived in the form of a Saint named Demario Davis.

Davis, linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, heard about Butler’s case and decided to do something about it. So he worked with a company to help build a handicap accessible van and showed up at Butler’s house just in time for Christmas with the special gift.

“Sam, what he’s going through, requires so much inner spirit and strength that most people can’t even comprehend how much of a warrior he is,” said Davis. “And that’s motivation for me.”

“I had no clue he was coming,” said Allieta. “It will be so easy to get him to his appointments, and to just do life.”

We need more Saints like Demario Davis.

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