New Form Of The Clap Is More Infectious Than AIDS

    People who don't wear condoms are about to become extinct.

    A new form of gonorrhea, discovered in 2011 and already labeled a superbug , is more infectious than AIDS and possibly more deadly. Though no one has yet to die from the disease, there hasn't been an effective treatment either. It's possible, given the known effects of gonorrhea, that people could die within days of contracting the superclap.

    The Centers for Disease Control asked Congress for $54 million to look for a cure, as well as spread public awareness about the disease. They desperately need the funding; 31 states reported an uptick in reports of gonorrhea in 2012.

    That's not all the bad news. Cephalosporin, the drug most commonly used to treat gonorrhea, the second most commonly reported STD in the U.S, is failing across the world. That means there may not be any treatment for any form of the clap in the near future.

    Be safe out there, because you may literally be dead before you know it unless you use protection.