NBA Tip-Off Is Right Around The Corner

Believe it or not, the NBA season will tip off in less than a month, with the action getting underway on Tuesday, October 17th. 

In anticipation of all the new storylines and in celebration of what’s to come, the 2017-2018 season promises to be a blockbuster.

Tipping Off 2017

The 2017-18 NBA season is getting started and, if it’s anything like last year, it’s going to be another one to remember. Which teams will take the leap and become playoff contenders? What will Russell Westbrook do for an encore? Will the Warriors be able to keep the NBA title in the Bay Area?

With its next installments of their “I’m Why” ad campaigns, the league is highlighting the many reasons why fans are looking forward to the new season, including cities coming together, record-breaking performances, insane super-fans, memorable moments on and off the court and some familiar faces now plying their craft in new places.

Golden State’s Home Court Advantage

There are unseen forces all over the NBA that impact every game. From the fans in the stands to the banners in the rafters, there are people and symbols that motivate players and teams to play as hard as they do. At Oracle Arena, Megan Cooper is one of those reasons.

The Golden States Homecourt Advantage piece is the first of 30 unique team spots, which tells the story of a young woman on the Warriors game-night staff who is responsible for covering Oracle Arenas 19,596 seats with gold shirts before playoff games. 

  • This year, the NBA is also celebrating 25 years of Mexico hosting games with its Im Why Mexico 2017 spot as people begin gearing up for the upcoming Mexico City Games in December.
  • I’m Why – NBA Mexico City Games 2017

    The NBA returns to Mexico City with two regular season games for the 2017-18 season. The Brooklyn Nets will play the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday December 7 and the Miami Heat on Saturday December 9. This marks the first time the NBA will host four regular-season games in Mexico during the same calendar year.

If you aren’t already hyped to see Paul George running with Russell Westbrook in OKC, the backcourt pairing of Chris Paul and James Harden in Houston or Kyrie Irving carving out the next chapters of his legacy in Boston, it’s time to start getting excited.

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