NBA Franchises That Can’t Afford To Pump Fake On Trae Young

According to most mock drafts, Oklahoma guard Trae Young will be drafted anywhere from third to ninth in the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft. The only certainty is that Young wont fall out of the Top 10. 

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Draft Profile: Trae Young Where do you think he’ll land on June 21st? #NBADraft

New York Knicks fans are praying for Young to drop to them at No.9, but the long-range bomber, who has been compared to Steph Curry, could also go as high as No. 3 to the Atlanta Hawks

Atlantas top guard Dennis Schroder is just 24-years old and averaged 19.4 points per game and 6.2 rebounds. The Hawks were a miserable 24-58 last season and the hoop stuffer from Germany said he doesnt want to be part of Atlantas rebuild. Young’s stock has been on the rise after some killer workouts and he would fill Schroders offensive role perfectly. 

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Trae Young buzz is louder after slaying workouts with Hawks (#3) + Bulls (#7). Young canceled a workout with Sixers, who have tried to trade up from #10. Maybe for Young? Sixers met him at the combine. Magic like Young at #6. Trae scouting report @ringer:

New York fans wont be happy with that possibility. Young and his dad have already expressed interest in joining the Knicks and helping to revive the franchise along with Kristaps Porzingis, once the 7-footer gets healthy. Youngs dad went as far as to say his son is built for New York. 

Earlier in the year, Traes pops Ray, a former college stud at Texas Tech who bred Trae for a career in the NBA was out here campaigning for a stint in the Big Apple. 

“That’s what Trae lives for. He lives for that type of stuff. Just think about it: He’s probably the most talked about, most publicized kid in this draft and he’s been through it all,” Young’s father, Ray, told the Daily News. “Trae’s been scrutinized to the point that he has thick skin. None of that stuff is going to bother him. He was like the darling of college basketball for three months, and then the last month-and-a-half he turned into a bad guy, for some reason.

“So for him to be in a market like New York and understand that it’s all about winning and if you don’t win, there’ll be some scrutiny he’s already been through it.”

If the Hawks dont snatch Young who has been criticized for his size and labeled a potential defensive liability, the Magic would be fools not to take him at No. 6, despite what the critics say.  

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Do the risks outweigh the rewards for Trae Young? “I’m not a fan. To me he’s a wannabe Steph, and there’s only one Steph.”

Orlando finished a miserable 25-57, replacing Frank Vogel with Steve Clifford during the season and riding the year out with journeyman D.J. Augustine at point guard. The Magic needs help all over the court, so drafting Young will come down to what position they want to try and secure first. 

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Draft Workout: Trae Young

If Orlando doesnt nab young at No. 6, then the Chicago Bullsare next in line with the seventh overall pick. Sources say Chicago has shown the most interest in Young. The Bulls are rebuilding and point guard Kris Dunn, while serviceable cant shoot. Youngs long-range game would be a welcomed addition to Fred Hoibergs 27-55 squad. 

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What would you want to know about Trae Young? NBA Draft prospect Trae Young sat down with BullsTV after working out with the #Bulls today at the Advocate Center:

If the Bulls pass on Young, then No. 8 Cleveland might snatch him with the understanding that once LeBron leaves, the franchise will have to start all over again and needs a potential superstar piece to at least get people to come to the games. 

Hell certainly be an upgrade over George Hill and if by some miracle LeBron did stay in Cleveland, hed welcome a guy like Young who can space the floor and nail the three. King James has called Young a very special player. 

I have a strange feeling that Young is praying he doesnt land in Cleveland which will be a barren ghost town, filled with critical basketball zombies still entranced and woefully dejected by the second departure of King James. I know Papa Young wants no part of that. 

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Trae Young says Allen Iverson reached out to him ahead of NBA draft

Maybe the Knicks get lucky or maybe deja vu strikes the unluckiest franchise in the NBA. 

Back in 2009, the Knicks had the 8th pick and fell one pick short of being able to draft Steph Curry who was nabbed by Golden State with the seventh pick. Ironically, the Knicks might lose out on the 2018 version of Chef by one pick again, continuing the streak of bad luck and misfortune that has besieged Madison Square Garden. 

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