Nate Burleson Sees A Live Madden Video Game When He Watches New Teammate Reggie Bush

Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson sounds impressed with new acquisition Reggie Bush. Burleson told SiriusXM NFL Radio that watching Bush is like watching a live version of a Madden video game. 

That's actually not too hard to believe. Reggie was more of a feature back when he first got to the league with the Saints in 2006. But his past two seasons with the Miami Dolphins showed his ability to carry a full load of rushing responsibility. 

Burleson commended the Heisman Trophy winner for being smooth on the field. The Lions have a difficult time getting out of their own way, but if they just let Reggie do his thing, that offense is going to be the definition of balanced and deadly. 

Here's more insight from Burleson on SiriusXM NFL Radio:

"I knew he was a good running back," Burleson said. "I knew that he could catch the ball out of the backfield. But when he motions and gets into the slot or goes outside and runs a route, he didn't look like a running back running a route, he looked like a receiver running a route. That's a really big difference. And for people who know football, they know exactly what I'm talking about.

"There's times when a running back motions out and you say, 'I hope a linebacker goes up against him or maybe a slow-footed safety, and we'll have the advantage then.' But if a DB is out there, if they're in their nickel or dime package, then maybe we'll look somewhere else. With Reggie in the slot, I don't care who you put out there. You can put your No. 1 corner, you could put your nickel guy, you could put your safety. Put your linebacker. Whoever you put out there, we're still going to have the advantage. Because he's not a running back now lined up at a receiver position, he's a running back turning into a receiver."

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