“My Heart Dropped … Can’t Eat For Days” | GloRilla Recalls The Pain Of Infidelity, Ryan Clark Immediately Realizes Where His Question Went Wrong

GloRilla is one of the young rising artists from Memphis, Tennessee. Her convergence with the new media world of former professional athletes who’ve turned broadcasters and podcasters led her to “The Pivot” podcast.

During the interview, co-host and former NFL player Ryan Clark asked the artist what her dating life was like now, and he received an earful about young trauma that has shaped her current dating reality.

“I’ve only been in two relationships my whole life and my first relationship fed me up because that was the first time I ever got cheated on,” said Glorilla. “I used to always feel like I was the friend that didn’t have n***a problems and all my friends, like, they got pregnant early, and they always used to get cheated on and they’ll be crying ,and I used to be like, ‘Damn, I don’t think it was that crucial; what you crying for?'”

However, like many, Glo couldn’t avoid the gamble of trust in another person romantically, and when that covenant of trust was broken, she entered a new reality: heartbreak.

“When it finally happened to me and I actually felt where they were coming from, I lost my appetite real bad,” GloRilla continued. “My first heartbreak, it was the same n***a. I never physically caught him cheating, but it was just like clues that I’d be like, ‘I know you are cheating.’ Every time, it’s just a different feeling, like my heart dropped to my ass. I can’t eat for so many days. I remember one day, I was on the way to my mama’s house and I was in the car crying to God.”

“I was like, ‘God, please, if you let me get over this n***a, I won’t ever do this again. Please restore my appetite, take this heartache away; I said I will never do this again if you let me get over it.’ So I don’t be trying to just really get into that no more because that’s not a good feeling getting your heart broke at all, and I thought it was for fake at first, and when I really felt it that’s why I be so hard now.”

GloRilla is still reeling from being cheated on, but Channing Crowder has some words of encouragement when she asks the trio of Clark, Crowder, and Fred Taylor, “Do yall lose yall appetite when yall have heartbreak?”

“He couldn’t have been Black because Black men don’t cheat,” said the always-affable “Pivot” co-host Channing Crowder.

Yeah, Glo! That part.

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