Must Be Something In The Water | Former Detroit Lions Player Stanley Wilson Jr. Arrested, Broke Into Mansion And Bathed In Fountain

Sometimes fans and media can forget that professional athletes are humans too. These athletes, both present and retired, can be just as crazy and maniacal as any average person. In some instances, their actions are downright ridiculous. Particularly with football players. We’ll leave the reasons why to the doctors, the league and the criminal justice system. 

But when you hear of a person breaking into someone else’s property, bathing in their fountain, and consistently exhibiting erratic behavior, that’s cause for concern, regardless of who that person is.  

Former NFL player Stanley Wilson Jr. was the perpetrator of the aforementioned scenario of crimes. According to TMZ Sports, Wilson Jr. allegedly broke into a $30 million Hollywood Hills home, and proceeded to bathe in an outdoor fountain during his raid of the mansion. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Wilson Jr. has done this. This is reportedly his second time breaking into this expensive mansion.

Even more outlandish, the former Detroit Lions cornerback also allegedly bathed in the outside fountain, with a bar of soap that he found inside the mansion. The total cost of damage that this bath excursion came to was $5,000.

The first time Wilson broke into this home was on Aug. 24, and on that occasion he was accused of moving around and damaging items, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. He, of course, was arrested both times, and was charged with two felony counts of vandalism and one count of second-degree burglary, according to TMZ Sports.

The former Stanford University product’s past is even worse, and this is a continuous thing for Wilson.

In June 2016, Wilson was shot in the abdomen while trying to break in a home in Portland, while he was naked. In 2017, Wilson was arrested again for allegedly walking around a neighborhood naked.

I don’t know what’s up with this casual nudity for Wilson; must be something in the water.

In the next month, Wilson was sentenced to 10 days in jail for the incident in 2016, in Portland, and he received three years probation, and mandatory drug treatment. He also was ordered to pay restitution damages to the mansion and write an apology letter to the victims involved. 

Once again, in February 2017, just five days after he was sentenced for the 2016 Portland incident, Wilson was arrested again for breaking into another home while being naked.

Stanley Wilson Jr, is the son of former Bengals running back Stanley Wilson Sr. Wilson Jr. was a former third-round draft pick by the Lions in 2005, playing two seasons with the franchise before his career was ended due to an Achilles tear in an exhibition game against the New York Giants in 2008. In his career, Wilson had 89 tackles, eight pass deflections, and one forced fumble. 

From the outside looking-in, Wilson clearly has little to no money, and might struggle with some sort of substance abuse or even CTE, a brain disease commonly and increasingly found in the brains of deceased football players.


Maybe this might be the result of something that happened to him in his career, but regardless of the reasoning, Wilson Jr. needs help and hopefully he can get the help that he needs.

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