The New York Giants Are A Disaster | After Firing Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett, What’s Next?

As expected, the New York Giants fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett on Tuesday, Nov. 23, after the team’s 30-10 loss on Monday Night Football to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Giants fell to 3-7 and are among the worst teams in the league.

Since winning the Super Bowl in 2011 over the New England Patriots, the Giants have made the playoffs once in nine seasons. That will soon be once in the past ten seasons at the conclusion of this current one. In that time period they’ve had a winning record twice, and they will not make it three this year.

Sure, firing Garrett made sense and had to be done. In his 26-game tenure the Giants scored 42 offensive touchdowns, the fewest of any team (including the New York Jets) since the start of last season.

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A team with Saquon Barkley, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram should score more than 42 touchdowns, right?

On the firing of Garrett, head coach Joe Judge said it wasn’t a “snap decision” but the offense needed to score more points.

“Ultimately, I’ll make every decision based on what’s best for the team long term,” Judge said. “I feel we have to be more productive as an offense. Generally speaking, the offense’s job is to score points. I don’t believe we’re scoring enough points. It’s my job as the head coach to make sure I give our players an opportunity to go out there and make plays.”

Now that Garrett is gone, he can no longer be the scapegoat if the team’s offensive ineptitude continues. Though implementing a new system is impossible during the season, it’s likely not going to get much better.

As an organization the Giants have to look at changing the way they do everything. The entire roster should be available, including Saquon, and the coaching and front office staff should be on notice as well.

One playoff appearance in 10 seasons is unacceptable, or at least it should be for co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch. This once proud franchise is just as bad as the tenants they share MetLife Stadium with, but do they know it?

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If the mission and vision of this franchise is to be well run and contending for championships they are nowhere near that. Garrett was one domino that had to fall. But for a situation this bad there will be others.

Daniel Jones is not the quarterback who was promised. Since 2019 he is No. 1 in turnovers, and he has not developed. Yes, injuries to key players hurt that development. Well, maybe that’s an area the Giants need to look at too.

Every single department and its personnel within the organization needs to be reviewed and a determination needs to be made as to their fit going forward.

Next up on the summer jam screen is senior vice president and general manager Dave Gettleman. He’s been running the ship since 2018. The Giants record under his stewardship is a putrid 18-40.

He drafted Saquon and LT Andrew Thomas, but those were easy. He also traded away maybe the most talented player in team history.

Every team’s situation can be explained with qualifiers, but at the end of the day the record is what it is. The Giants are a bad team and bordering on being a poorly run franchise.

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